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Engage Publication

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Why Engage?



Just over a year ago, the Bonner Foundation’s Board of Trustees met with the Presidents’ Advisory Board. This group of college and university presidents provides vital direction and feedback to the Foundation, guiding our leadership to ground our work in the needs and realities of institutions today. This input, like that of our broader network of program directors and coordinators, students, and community partners, supports the Foundation in a key principle: spreading best practice as common practice.


During that March meeting, the Foundation’s Board, Presidents’ Advisory Board, and staff shared some of the inspiring examples happening on campuses today, including the rethinking of core curriculum, creation of student learning outcomes tied to engagement, exploration of new collaborations across departments, and involving local partners in shaping strategic plans and coursework. In response, the Presidents’ Advisory Board exhorted: “Beat the drum loudly for the powerful impacts of engagement.” 


This publication, Engage, is one of several responses to that call. Its purpose is to punctuate, broadcast, and celebrate the scholarship, best practices, and stories of engagement that are shaping higher education and that connect to its public purposes.  You can also download a full copy here.


Engage highlights and shares inspiring stories, proven models and best practices, and promising research and scholarship for how service, community engagement, community engaged learning, and public scholarship are transforming students, campuses, and communities. Intended for broader readership, Engage includes features by institutional and community leaders, scholars, and practitioners. Authors include students, staff, community members, partners, and faculty. We are publishing Engage primarily in an online format, such as issuu.com. Feel free to embed the issue or link in campus and program websites. 


Engage taps the rich network of practitioners and scholars of civic engagement and community engaged learning within and beyond the Bonner Foundation’s network.  We also seek to highlight other related themes for educational and community change.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact Ariane Hoy at ahoy@bonner.org.  The Foundation produces Engage twice annually, generally in January and July.  Its short length (approximately 36 pages) features outstanding pieces that can contribute to higher education and its work with campus-community partnerships, civic engagement, and broader efforts for supporting a just and healthy democracy.  



Check out the online version of

our inaugural issue of Engage!

(You can also download an application for issuu.com)


It features several relevant articles.



Click to see it on issuu.com!


Or download a PDF copy here!



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