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High-Impact Students as Colleagues

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"Students As Colleagues":  

Student Leadership for Faculty Engagement


Student leadership can play a vital role in promoting faculty interest and their connections to service and community engagement. This occurs in many forms, from getting faculty connected to a community partner, asking for an independent study, or more formally serving as a "teaching assistant" or "fellow" to help create and facilitate a course-based projects.


This page on the wiki has more information about those models:



Several of the teams and institutions involved in the High-Impact Initiative have created formalized models for students to serve in leadership roles with course and faculty connections.  


These handout (which Bonner student intern Julie Martin helped to develop) showcase several relevant models.  


On the left, the "Student as Colleagues" handout introduces the theory behind such roles and five relevant models.  Relevant roles, training, and steps to create such a program are covered.


On the right, strategies and models for students to serve as "High-Impact Interns" taking on significant leadership roles are explored.  This includes sample position descriptions, supervision structures, faculty relationships, models, and web resources.




Final Students as Colleagues.pdf                      Final Five_Points Final.pdf


Click on these to DOWNLOAD handouts (multiple pages).


Relevant Articles and Literature


Putting Students at the Center of Civic Engagement, by Richard M. Battistoni and Nicholas J. Longo.

This chapter is part of "To Serve a Larger Purpose": Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education

(Temple University Press, 2011).  

          Download here:  Article Battistoni:Longo.pdf



Promoting Student-Centered Learning in Experiential Education by Cheryl Estes



See others noted in handout.



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