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High-Impact Initiative Presentations

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Below are some links to presentations that have been used at the High-Impact Retreats and Institutes.

Contact Ariane Hoy at ahoy@bonner.org if you would like a power-point or keynote version for modification and use on campus.


General presentations

Presentation for how to prepare for incoming cohort:



Presentation at annual Association of American Colleges and Universities meeting, January 2013.

Short presentation provides abbreviated introduction to project.



Presentation at the American Democracy Project Conference hosted by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, June 2012.

Longer presentation explores high-impact practices and high-impact community engagement in more depth.



Introduction to Bonner High-Impact Initiative Learning Outcomes, used at the High-Impact Institute Summer 2013; introduces key learning outcomes, as adapted from rubrics for civic engagement, integrative learning, and creative thinking, that may provide a set of shared student learning outcomes for high-impact projects connected to community engagement.  



Introduction to Bonner High-Impact Initiative Capacity Building Outcomes, used at the High-Impact Institute Summer 2013; introduces key community-oriented outcomes, as adapted from metrics for non-profit and community capacity building, in areas like program development, research, evaluation, communications and outreach, resource development, and community impact.



Presentations that may be helpful for teams (back on campus)


Bonner High-Impact Initiative:  Being Architects and Leaders of Change: an overview of key aspects of the process, especially for team leaders and teams.  


Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education: Bonner High-Impact Initiative (a session from the January 2014 Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference)



Developing Greater Impact with High-Impact Practices: Internships and Civic Engagement (a session from the January 2015 Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference)


Thinking about Changing Tenure and Promotion


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