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Chapter Six: Politics

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Chapter Six: Politics

Chapter Overview: This chapter focuses on how students have taken a backseat to making some of the key decisions on campus. It discusses how students are choosing not to be involved in making decisions for their campuses. It also focuses on how political movements on current colleges have changed from a collective effort to a more individualistic approach.


Discussion Questions:

1. Although our generation has some of the most global citizens we still struggle to truly discuss the issues that accompany race, ethnicity, and gender equality. How do you see race, ethnicity, and gender equality?

2. Do you think that the issues that accompany the aforementioned topics are being improved over time?

3. Why do you think discussions to understand other people’s background is so difficult for our generation, regardless of how necessary they are?

4. Do you think that segregated groups on campus (i.e. overly specific clubs) are doing more harm than good? Are these “identifying” organizations really necessary?






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