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Centre College Best Practice Sharing 2013

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Best Practice Sharing 2013




Utilizing Student Voice   



  • Best Practice Description
    • One of the strengths of our program is assessment and utilizing student voice. We really try to model our program and meeting structure based on anonymous student feedback, which in turn improves not only participation but also the morale of the group. We send surveys to students monthly, giving them the opportunity to assess meeting topics and program management.  


    • Our program is more successful due to this assessment as it enables us to know what is and is not working for the students. For example, our series on the Middle East, which proved to be one of our most successful Bonner meeting series of the year, was a result of student feedback on surveys. Programs that use the voice of their students to enact change will be very successful and have a greater buy-in from them. 



  • Samples or Relevant Resource Material 
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