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Morehouse College 2014 Leadership Structure

Page history last edited by Ephesian Poinsette 6 years, 7 months ago

This page is dedicated towards Morehouse College Bonner Scholars Leadership Structure and Theme for 2014.


2013-14 Student Leadership Structure


Theme: Marching Towards Our Calling of Excellence


It is our mission to continue to strive and become socially conscious Men of Morehouse in Academic Excellence, Social Justice, and Service for all mankind.


Each member of the Bonner Program will have an integral role contributing to the overall mission for the success and progression of our student led initiatives. 



Senior Bonner Intern - Ephesian Poinsette

Chief Compliance Officer - Donnell Williamson


Senior Bonner Intern Advisory Team

Arthur McDowell

Martavius Leonard

DeMario Hunter

Jarell Baker

Justin Winston

Darien Waite


Class Coordinators

Freshman Class Coordinator - Darien Waite and Rami Blair

Sophomore Bonner Interns - James Brown and Chris Winston

Junior Class Coordinator- Michael Butler

Senior Class Coordinator- Arthur McDowell


Issue Base Coordinators

(Education) - Daniel West

(Environment-Sustainability) - Jovan Davis

(Communiity Development) - Jarell Baker

(Hunger & Homelessness) - Reshard McElrath

Bonner Media Specialists Team- Osaze Jones, Donovan Whitaker, Randall Morris and Chris Broughton

Policy Research Team- Rodje Malcom, Timothy Maxey, Markie Edwards, and Reginald Hutchins

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