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2013 Engaged Teaching and Learning Symposium

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  Introduction |  Registration  |  Agenda |

Workshops |   Logistics and Travel  | Lodging |

Engaged Teaching & Experiential Learning Symposium | 

All Bonner Service Track  | Let Your Life Speak: Speaking Opportunity






The 2013 Engaged Teaching and Experiential Learning Track is designed for faculty, administrators, and advanced student leaders.  Open to those outside the Bonner Network as a one-day conference on June 6th, it is also part of the larger 2013 Bonner Summer Leadership Institute.  Designed in partnership with Earlham College, the Bonner Foundation, and faculty and administrators in the Bonner network, this one-day conference will provide scholarly and practical knowledge and strategies for advancing community-engaged learning and academic-service connections. 


The 2013 Engaged Teaching and Experiential Learning Track is open to participants at the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute (including faculty, administrators, and students) as well as individuals from national partner networks, such as Campus Compact, AAC&U, and Imagining America.  For individuals who don't ordinarily attend SLI, it is designed mainly as a one-day event for representatives from campuses in the region.  The event starts with registration and breakfast on June 6th at 8:00 am and will culminate at 5:00 pm that day.  See the schedule below.


If you are interested in connecting with the Bonner Network and learning about the Bonner Program, the meeting happens concurrently with the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute, which runs from the evening of June 5th to lunch on June 8th.  If you are interested in staying for additional programming, please contact Ariane Hoy or Nefisah Sallim for more information.  On-campus lodging and meals are available, for a nominal fee, for this longer event.  




The 2013 Engaged Teaching and Experiential Learning Track will provide administrators and faculty with the opportunity to:


    • meet and network with colleagues from diverse institutions and backgrounds who share common hopes for more fully leveraging the resources of higher education to address and provide solutions to pressing community needs;
    • learn and share models for connecting community service with academic coursework, in the form of public scholarship, community-based research, service learning, and institutional initiatives;
    • co-present research and projects, community-based learning, and civic work in partnership with students and partners, in the spirit of the Bonner model that values student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure as linked processes;
    • identify professional advancement opportunities and strategies for institutionalizing engaged scholarship through incentives, rewards, changes to tenure and promotion, and linking these efforts with accreditation reports 
    • learn more about the relevancy of high-impact practices to the work of community engagement, including some exploration of the ways that the Bonner Network is exploring the integration of HIPs and HICEPs through the High-Impact Initiative
    • focus on replicable best practices for enhancing engaged scholarship, service-learning, community-based research and policy research—for example by learning how to better integrate students as colleagues in course leadership and organizational roles 
    • identify and integrate frameworks, evaluation and assessment tools for deepening public scholarship and institutionalization of community engaged learning, as well as demonstrating its effectiveness; 
    • engage in meaningful reflections and conversations with peers about the changes facing higher education and the potential for moving community engaged scholarship and engaged learning forward 


The 2013 Engaged Teaching and Experiential Learning Track will address some special themes including:


  • Experiential learning
  • The Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement 
  • Faculty development models
  • Leveraging the National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement and data
  • Students and partners as colleagues
  • Rewards, tenure and promotion and links with institutional accreditation (QEPs)
  • In light of the theme, "Let Your Life Speak," we will also explore how faculty and staff can support students in the development of discernment and self-authorship


Presentation Opportunities 


There will be three elective workshops on June 6th for which any attending participant may apply to present.  We especially hope to invite faculty members (especially in partnership with administrators and students) to present on any of the themes mentioned above. 


Preference will be given to workshops that actively engage participants in the topic of the session by modeling the the teaching strategy or brainstorming possible applications in the institution of the participants.


Why should faculty attend? 


This is a chance to connect, extend and deepen your work on community engaged learning and scholarship. By attending, individual faculty members traveling from campuses in the Bonner network will have the chance to deepen their relationships with the Bonner Programs on their own campuses.  Moreover, they will have a chance to network with colleagues in a national context. 


For representatives from campuses not involved in the Bonner network, this will likewise be a wonderful opportunity to connect, extend, and deepen your work.  Moreover, colleagues will have the chance to engage in the national learning community that the Bonner Foundation and network is working to create. This will provide faculty with the opportunity to receive professional development in pedagogy that facilitates community engagement for the benefit of all involved.


In addition, we foresee new opportunities for professional advancement, including the chance to present, write and publish projects, research and learningWe are in the process of solidifying new publication opportunities this year.  


Finally, this track will be:


    • low cost (for faculty outside the Bonner Network, the cost of attending only June 6th is just $40, including luncheon);
    • fun and relaxed (with plenty of social time to meet and converse with other interesting professionals);
    • scholarly (with plenty of workshops and opportunities to discuss models and challenges, best practices, and ideas);
    • inspiring, (especially with the opportunity to meet engaged, committed student leaders, as well as staff from national civically-oriented organizations)
    • and, finally, a great opportunity to understand and leverage the experience and knowledge of our  state, regional, and national networks.


Final Schedule at a Glance - Thursday, June 6th, 2013





7:30 am to 9:00 am


Please go through line by 8:30 am


Dining Hall

9:00 am to 9:45 am

Morning Assembly  in Goddard Auditorium featuring Jay Roberts, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Center for Integrated Learning at Earlham College.

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Workshops Block 1: Choose one of the 14 electives.  See descriptions on pages 40-43.


  • Building a Program by Building Relationships: Connecting Student Life, Faculty, and Community Partners - LBC 124
  • Forming Civic Professionals: Theories and Models - LBC 211
  • Strategies for Building an Online Civic Engagement Hub - LBC 201
  • The Community Listening Project: A Three Year Initiative to Tell the Story of a Community and its College - LBC 208





11:15 am to 12:15 pm

Workshops Block 2

Choose one of the 14 electives.  See descriptions on pages 44-47.

  • Campus Compact and You! - LBC 208 
  • Declaring Service Tracks: Christopher Newport University’s Strategy to Engage All Students and Faculty - LBC 124
  • Learning from Nature: Engaging Faculty for Eco-social
    Transformation - LBC 327
  • Principles and Trends in Designing Experiential Components into Your Course - LBC 211 (A&B)
  • Re-imagining Our College Centers - LBC 201

12:15 pm to 1:45 pm

Administrators and Faculty:  Lunch in the Comstock Room

Developing the Next Generation of Engaged Citizens: What We Know About Fostering Civic-Mindedness

Featuring presentations by:

  • Julie Hatcher, Executive Director at IUPUI’s Center for Service & Learning

  • Kristin Norris, Director of Assessment at IUPUI’s Center for Service & Learning

  • Maggie Stevens, Executive Director of Indiana Campus Compact

2:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Engaged Teaching & Experiential Learning — LBC 211
Identifying and Applying High Impact Civic Engagement Practices:
Using the world café facilitated discussion process, Jay Roberts will lead a session to generate ideas about trends and developments in engaged teaching and experiential learning.

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Workshops Block 3

Choose one of the 14 electives.  See descriptions on pages 48-51.

  • Critical Thinking in Non-Traditional Classroom Settings - LBC 124
  • Faculty-Student Serendipitous Synergy: From Classroom to Community to Cyberspace and Back - LBC 201
  • Students as Colleagues:  Untapped Resources - LBC 211 (A&B)
  • The Pedagogy of Digital Storytelling: Reinventing Reflection for Deeper Learning - LBC 315 (A&B)
  • Where I'm From: Using Creative Writing to Connect with Communities - LBC 208

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Networking Fair and Outdoor BBQ

Come meet and mingle with representatives

Inside the Runyan Center and on the Runyan Patio

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Choose one 

Introduction to Quaker Principles and Practices - Stout Meeting House


Panel of Alumni Speakers, moderated by Jana Schroeder -
Wilkinson Theatre.  Come be inspired by alumni letting their life speak!  




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