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Guide to AmeriCorps Enrollment - Part 2 - Enrollment Booklet

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—> National Bonner AmeriCorps page


Step 1: Hold a Bonner AmeriCorps Member Orientation

All Bonner AmeriCorps members must attend an AmeriCorps Orientation.  Use AmeriCorps 101 Powerpoint Presentation (pdf version or powerpoint version) for this orientation.  During this process, Members should be provided with, and must fill out, the Enrollment Workbook, and will become familiar with the rules and regulations of AmeriCorps.


(Remember that the time spent at this orientation can ONLY be logged as Training and Enrichment hours (T&E) and be counted towards the Member's AmeriCorps hours IF the Member Application has already been received at the Bonner Foundation and the Criminal History Check has been initiated.  Check the Documentation Tab in the Member profile in BWBRS to see if a date of initiation has been entered).



Step 2: Fill Out AmeriCorps Enrollment Workbook

During the AmeriCorps Orientation, you will guide Bonner AmeriCorps members through the process of completing the Enrollment Workbook.



Ensure Members understand that the Enrollment Workbook forms a binding legal contract, and that therefore they must strictly follow each of the following steps:

  • Write legibly in black or blue permanent ink.
  • Never use "wite-out" or other correction fluid or correction tape.
  • If it is necessary to make a correction, run a line through the error and simply write the correction next to it. Both the Applicant for AmeriCorps Membership and the Campus Administrator must initial the correction.
  • Applicant should sign where appropriate using their full legal name (no abbreviations or nicknames) as shown on their eligibility documentation.
  • Ensure that wherever a dated signature is needed, the date written is the actual date signed. (Pre- or post-dated signatures will invalidate the Member Contract and result in the Workbook being returned to the campus for re-completion, with a detrimental effect on the potential Member's requested start date).
  • Ensure that all potential Members complete the Enrollment Workbook for the applicable grant year and all signatures are dated on or before the requested start date.


Step 3: Complete the Bonner AmeriCorps Enrollment Checklist

When Members (with assistance and guidance as necessary) have filled out their Enrollment Workbooks, use the Enrollment Workbook Checklist (which constitutes page 1 of the Enrollment Workbook) to ensure that all Enrollment Workbooks have been completed fully and correctly.


Be aware that failure to complete this checklist will result in the Member's Enrollment Workbook being mailed back to the campus. 


Step 4: Mail AmeriCorps Enrollment Packet to the Foundation Immediately Upon Completion!

The completed AmeriCorps Enrollment Packet is comprised of the following:

  • Fully completed AmeriCorps Enrollment Workbook.
  • Fully completed AmeriCorps Enrollment Checklist.


Please mail the completed AmeriCorps Enrollment Packet to the Foundation immediately after completion, to arrive no later that 14 days after the Member's requested start date.


—> National Bonner AmeriCorps page



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