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Schools, Students, and Society

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To learn more about the specific course, use the contact information below or search the Internet.


Name of Institution: University of Georgia


Name of First Year Seminar: Schools, Students, and Society Professor Linda Renzulli, Sociology


Abstract of the First Year Seminar:

School is one of society's most important institutions. In the U.S. all children will be in school at some point in their lives and some for many, many years. But that does not mean school is the same for everyone. How do schooling experiences differ based on personal characteristics? How do schools and their teachers cope with diverse student bodies, and who benefits from schooling? In this seminar, UGA students will go to a school in Athens to mentor/volunteer. Through this service learning, we will uncover the roots of the variation in school experiences.


Link to Syllabus or PDF of Syllabus:

Contact renzulli@uga.edu



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