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Public Service and Emergency Preparedness

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To learn more about the specific course, use the contact information below or search the Internet.


Name of Institution: University of Georgia


Name of First Year Seminar: Public Service and Emergency Preparedness Professor Catherine A. White, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences


Abstract of the First Year Seminar:

This seminar will discuss the impact of natural and man-made disasters on individuals and communities and explore the various opportunities for students to assist with emergency preparedness planning. Specifically, opportunities for students with the public health department, University of Georgia, American Red Cross, Disaster Medical Assistance Teams, area hospitals, and other agencies will be discussed. We will focus on natural disaster threats to Georgia and cover issues such as economic impacts, types of injuries, and available resources for responders. A team table top exercise will be conducted at the end of the seminar.  


Link to Syllabus or PDF of Syllabus:

Contact cwhite@rx.uga.edu



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