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Music Learning Community Seminar

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To learn more about the specific course, use the contact information below or search the Internet.


Name of Institution: University of Georgia


Name of First Year Seminar: Music Learning Community Seminar Professor Stephanie Tingler, Music

Abstract of the First Year Seminar:

The Music Learning Community is open to first-year students with an interest in music or majoring in music. The weekly seminar focuses on music and musicians of Athens, Georgia, particularly as they interrelate with cultural, social and political events of the past and present. These issues are in turn discussed within a framework of responsible citizenship and its expression through service-learning. Guest speakers and activities outside of class enhance seminar material and provide experiences that shape our perspective on music and its potential to benefit society. In the spring semester, students will develop and implement service-learning project/s within the Athens-Clarke County community, motivated by Fall semester discussions and experiences. 


Link to Syllabus or PDF of Syllabus:

Contact stingler@uga.edu



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