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The First Year Seminars below are examples of courses that include a community engagement component.

For each of the courses, click on the title to find an abstract as well as more information about the type of engagement.  In most cases you will also find a contact (professor) or syllabus.





The FYS examples were found through public (Internet) research

and are posted here to provide you with good examples of how community engagement

can be linked to these first year programs, across many departments. 


Course Title Institution Department Community Engagement
Navigating the World through American Eyes  University of North Carolina  American Studies 1
"What Are Those People Gonna Eat Next Week?"  University of Georgia  Animal and Dairy Science 2
Public Archaeology in Bronzeville: Research and Community Engagement in Chicago’s Black Metropolis  University of North Carolina  Anthropology 3
PYRAMIDS, PEOPLE AND POLITICS  Wake Forest University  Anthropology 2
WIDE WORLD OF SPORT  Wake Forest University  Anthropology 2
"Citizen Artists" and the Role of the Arts in Public Life University of Georgia  Art 3
THE AMERICAN DREAM  Wake Forest University  Art 3
Current Topics in Business University of Colorado Denver  Behavioral Science 3
"Well-behaved women rarely make (scientific) history"  Wake Forest University  Chemistry 2
TRUE VALUE MEALS  Wake Forest University  Chemistry 2
Freedom and Equality, Wealth and Poverty  Saint John’s University CORE 3
Contemporary Issues in American Education  St. Lawrence University  Culture and Cultural Practices 1
Leadership in Action  St. Lawrence University  Culture and Cultural Practices 2
How to be a Superhero Northern Arizona University Education 3
Social Justice – Youth Empowerment   Northern Arizona University Education 3
The Literature of Home and Belonging  Western Carolina University English 2
Global Engagement Learning Community Seminar  University of Georgia  Environment and Design 3
Celebrating Our Heritage - FYS Clark Atlanta University First Year Seminar 2
Outdoor Ecology & Leadership  Northern Arizona University First Year Seminar 3
From Poverty to Prosperity: A Critical Examination of Poverty and Wealth in the North Country St. Lawrence University  First Year Seminar 3
Writing for the Health of It  Stetson University   First Year Seminar 2
Self and World  Stetson University   First Year Seminar 3
Are We What We Eat? Food, Health, and Controversy Stetson University   First Year Seminar 3
Teen Grrrl’s and Popular Culture  University of Denver  First Year Seminar 2
Borders and their trespassers Trinity College  First Year Seminar  1
Learning for the 21st Century University of Colorado Denver  Humanities 1
Music Learning Community Seminar  University of Georgia  Music 2
Public Service and Emergency Preparedness  University of Georgia  Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences 2
American Political System  University of Vermont  Political Science 2
Science of Violence against Women  University of Denver  Psychology 1
What Makes Life Worth Living?  University of Michigan  Psychology 2
Bad DNA  University of Georgia  Public Health 2
VOCATION OF HEALING  Wake Forest University  Religion 3
The Bible and Social Justice  University of Denver  Religious Studies 2
The Many Sides of Happiness  St. Lawrence University  Science and Science-Related Issues 2
Our Religious Experiences Tulane University Seminar 3
Museums & Their Communities in the Crescent City Tulane University Seminar 2
Public Education: The New Orleans Path to Change  Tulane University Seminar 1
Who Dat, Fan Up, and Geaux: Sports and New Orleans Tulane University Seminars 2
Racial Minorities in the United States  University of Colorado Denver  Social Science 3
Children's Lives  Hartwick College  Sociology 2
Social Justice Post-Katrina  Loyola University New Orleans   Sociology 3
Schools, Students, and Society  University of Georgia  Sociology 2
Youth Cultures: Inequality, Resistance, and Empowerment  University of Denver  Sociology & Criminology 3
Leadership for Social Change Texas A&M University  Undergraduate Studies 2
Aggie Knitters R.O.C.K. (Reach Out with Compassion and Kindness Texas A&M University  Undergraduate Studies 2
Inequality in Schools & Sports  University of Denver  Writing Program 2
Communities and Planning  University of Georgia    3
Service-Learning Tutoring with Latino Children 

University of Georgia 











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