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Outdoor Ecology And Leadership

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Name of Institution:  Northern Arizona University


Name of First Year Seminar:   Outdoor Ecology & Leadership - FS 141, Jacob Dolence, First Year Seminar Program, and Lauren Berutich, First Year Seminar Program


Abstract of the First Year Seminar:

      Did you know Flagstaff is located within the vast landscapes of the Colorado Plateau? That this iconic landscape stretches across four states reaching over 130,000 square miles and is a home to 29 national parks and monuments and 26 wilderness areas? Join this engaging, hands-on, experiential learning course to learn more about this vast region and moreā€¦ and NOT just by sitting in a classroom! By joining this class, you are preparing to explore new, unique environments, connect with the natural living world, develop new or improve on your camping and hiking skills, and practice the essential characteristics of a positive and effective leader. You will learn about stewardship practices, engaged democratic leadership, and how to protect and conserve these treasured landscapes.


      Classes are held on Wednesday evenings. We will engage in dialogue around citizenship and stewardship of the land, ecology and the interconnectedness of nature, and begin to understand how each action has a reaction on this planet. The readings will be rich and thought provoking and critical thinking skill set development is a must.


Link to Syllabus: Contact  Lauren.Berutich@nau.edu 

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