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Freedom and Equality, Wealth and Poverty

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Name of Institution:  Saint John’s University


Name of First Year Seminar:  Freedom and Equality, Wealth and Poverty — CORE 101 Charles W. Wright, Ph.D.


Abstract of the First Year Seminar:

      The second semester of our symposium will have three thematic foci. The first, in part carrying over from last semester, will be the issues of poverty and racial discrimination in the United States – their causes and their significance for the character of the citizens of this nation. For this we shall read Jonathan Kozol’s book Amazing Grace as well as a few other short essays. The second theme will be the question of what constitutes an appropriate response to problems of poverty, discrimination and injustice when they exist. For this we shall be reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Why We Can’t Wait as well as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The third theme will consist in your thoughts about what you are able to do to respond to these social issues. Your thinking, in turn, will be developed in relation to a service-learning project that you will pursue over the course of the semester.


Link to Syllabus or PDF of Syllabus: http://www.csbsju.edu/elce/service-learning/symposium.htm

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