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HIPs: First Year Seminars

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The First Year Seminars below are examples of courses that include a community engagement component.

For each of the courses, click on the title to find an abstract as well as more information about the type of engagement.  In most cases you will also find a contact (professor) or syllabus.


The FYS examples were found through public (Internet) research

and are posted here to provide you with good examples of how community engagement

can be linked to these first year programs, across many departments. 


According to this research, the First Year Seminars below include a community engagement component. 

That component may vary from (1) a link to the geographic place and learning in that place,

but without any service provided to community partners; (2) service to or engagement with community residents

and/or partners as a course component; (3) both a link to place/issues and a component of

research, service, or engagement with the community.







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