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Student Guide to Entering and eSigning Hour Logs

Page history last edited by Robert Hackett 8 years, 1 month ago

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Step 1: Go to Hour Log Entry Page

Log in to BWBRS and then click on Student Menu > Hour Logs > Log Entry tab. This will being up an empty hour log form.

This page has three sections:

  1. Add Log Entry: this is the section where you add the hour log entry information.
  2. Calendar View: this shows the calendar for current, prior and next months. The highlighted dates indicate that hours have been entered. Note: you can move months with either the "< < Previous Month Next Month >> " text buttons or use the month/year pull down menu.
  3. Complete Hour Log: this lists all your hour log entries for the three month period showing in the section above.



Step 2: Enter Hour Log

Logging an entry is very simple! Just follow the instructios below.

1. Use the drop down button to select the start time
2. Use the drop down button to select the end time
3. Select the date that corresponds with the entry
4. There are three options in this step and you can only select one. Please indicate whether the hours you are logging are for your primary position (CLA), another position (Non-CLA) or a training and enrichent event.

5. Check here if you the hours your are logging were spent fundraising
6. Once you have entered all the fields click on "Add Hour Log Entry"



Optional: Editing Prior Hour Log Entry

Click on the date of the hour log you wish to edit.



Here you can edit your hour log to amend the date, time, position and indicate whether it was fundraising or not. Here You can also delete an entry. If you have edited changes please make sure to save it.



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