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Bonner Fellowship and Career Network Assistant

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Bonner Foundation

Work Study Position Description / Fall 2012 - Spring 2013


Bonner Fellowship and Career Network Assistant(s)




The Bonner Program is a campus-based community service and service-based scholarship program currently at eighty colleges and universities nationwide.  A program of a private philanthropy called the Bonner Foundation, in partnership with The College of New Jersey, the Bonner Program provides more than 3,000 undergraduate students with an opportunity to engage in community service while in college, and to receive financial support for tuition, in the form of scholarships, Federal Work Study stipends, and AmeriCorps Education Awards.  The campus-based program provides colleges with a replicable model through which to develop students through service, positively impact communities, and build an infrastructure for sustained campus-community partnerships.  Through providing students with an access to education and an opportunity to serve, the Bonner Program also provides a higher education model that promotes colleges’ commitment to civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, spiritual exploration, and social justice.


Bonner Fellowship and Career Network Assistant


Assistant(s) will work closely a member of the Bonner Foundation staff to design and carry out special resource development and research information needed to plan the replication of the Bonner Fellowship program.  The Bonner Fellowship is a model for students to engage in high-level summer internships in a particular locality (city or town) with non-profit and governmental organizations while also participating in educational activities as a cohort and being mentored by a Bonner Alum.  The Bonner Alumni Network includes more than 6,000 alumni who have participated in a developmental multi-year service program in college.  In addition, the Foundation is working to develop resources for Alumni Networking and Career Networking for current students and alumni.  These resources might include articles, resume development, mentoring connections, and other options.  Many of these resources will be offered in online formats, including through LinkedIn, a Wiki, and Facebook.  Your specific responsibilities will depend on your prior relevant experience.  The position will include researching articles, models, programs, alumni interests, etc.  Positions require interest in reading and in writing; using interviews; and strong interpersonal skills. Positions also require attention to detail and the ability to manage one’s time and perform effectively as a support to a full-time staff member.




  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to read and process information
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including ability to work with a team internally
  • Relevant experience (with alumni programs or college/AmeriCorps service programs) helpful
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and projects at the same time
  • Computer proficiency, especially with social media platforms


For more information, please attend the Ice Cream Social on Thursday, September 13 at 4:00 pm at our office on 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.  Or call (609) 924-6663 and speak with Nefisah Sallim or Josh Blair.


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