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College of Saint Benedict Big Idea 2012-2013

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Congress Reps for 2012-2013

  • Insert Rep 1
  • Insert Rep 2 


What's Your Big Idea Category? (please bold which one)

- Student Leadership & Development

- Community Partnerships & Impact

- Campus Culture & Coordination

- Policy & Elections 




In 400 words or less, please describe your Big Idea. What is it and why have you decided to work on it this year? How may it strengthen your program, campus, and/or community?





In 400 words or less, please describe your strategy. The following questions should draw out the tools, resources, and support you are using to promote and achieve your Big Idea. You'll have a chance to flesh out your plan, but here is a chance to get the basics down: 


  • Which Bonner staff on your campus has committed to helping you achieve this Big Idea?
  • Who's on your team? Please share how you may be involving:
    • fellow Bonners
    • other students on campus
    • community partners
    • faculty members
    • administration
  • What resources will you leverage to help you achieve your Big Idea? 
  • What three things will you accomplish by the end of this academic year (think SLI 2012)? 




A good Big Idea proposal is one that connects with broader goals you may have for your program, campus, or community. Please answer the question below, which should help you think through those larger themes.


  • What will be different in 2015 as a result of your Big Idea (thinking in a 3-year strategic plan)? 




Please draft some of your benchmark goals into the framework below:


  • Bonner Congress October 19-21, 2012:
  • MLK Day January 21, 2013:
  • IMPACT Conference February 21-24, 2013:
  • SLI June 5-8, 2013: 







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