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Entering Partners and Positions

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Step 1: Go to the Service Partners & Position Page

Click on the Positions & T&Es > Service Partners & Positions link on the left sidebar.



Step 2: Select the Add Position menu

On the right side, use the Available Actions > Add Position menu to start the process of adding a position.



Step 3: Select Service Partner Organization

The first screen pull down menu alllows you to either a) Add New Service Provider or b) select an existing partner already entered into BWBRS.


Reminder: Be sure to first examine the full listing of service partners to avoid adding a duplicate entry.



Step 4: Verify or Add Service Partner Information

This page contains sections on the service partner, the site supervisor, and the service position.

In the first section, you will be presented with a blank entry form if you selected Add New Service Partner in the prior step. If you selected an existing partner, you will be asked to verify their profile information.


Please be thorough in filling out each part of the partner information section:

  1. Name: include the full name of the partner
  2. Address: put the street address (ideally one that works when used with Google Maps)
  3. City
  4. State:
  5. Zip Code:
  6. International State: use this field for international service partner city or state
  7. Phone Number: provide the main number
  8. Website: use the url for the organization
  9. Type of Organization: there are three options — non-profit, government organization, and public school.
    • Note: if you are not absolutely certain of an organization's IRS designation, you should double check it here: http://www.guidestar.org/ Remember, Bonner Scholars and AmeriCorps members are NOT allowed to serve at for-profit organizations.
  10. Level of Activity: there are four options to indicate the highest level role students can have with this organization — occasional volunteers, regular volunteers, project coordinators, project team. These are designed to give some indication of the level of campus engagement with the partner.
  11. Mission Statement: this should be copied from the organization's web page or brochure
  12. Additional Information: this should provide some additional facts or relevant profile information about the organizations goals, programs, and/or history.



Step 5: Add Site Supervisor Information

This is useful for knowing who the site supervisor is for the specific service position profiled on this page.


Note: if the site supervisor is not currently showing up on this pull down menu, then follow this guide for adding site supervisors.



Step 6: Add Service Position Information

Please take care to enter clear, concise, and comprehensive information about your service positions. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Title: use a descriptive title (e.g., After-School Program Assistant) not something generic (e.g., Volunteer)
  2. Description: be specific about the nature of the service the student will be doing, and include some information about the population being served or need being addressed
  3. Issue Area(s): select from the pull-down menu; if more than one issue is being addressed, use the second and third optional issue area menus
  4. Hours Per Week: provide a rough estimate for the commitment level for regular service required of this position
  5. Percent Fundraising: if the position includes any fundraising tasks, indicate the percentage of time devoted to fundraising. This information is used to determine fundraising hours for AmeriCorps reporting
  6. Duration: there are four options — 1-3 days (for one-time service events), week, several weeks, and semester
  7. Start Date, End Date, Sign Up By: these dates indicate when the service is to be provided
  8. Service Times/Schedule: this field allows you to provide specific information about the position
  9. Semester: this should default to the current semester
  10. Available To: the default value is for the position to be available for all students (which means they'll see it in their hour log menu). However, in rare instances you'll want a position to only be available to a single student, so this option is available for restricting the position to a single student or to not allow any student to access it.
  11. Number of Slots: this provides a general idea of the maximum number of students the service partner would like for this position
  12. Service Programs: check all the programs for which this position is eligible; note that some positions are not eligible for AmeriCorps hours but are fine for Bonner Scholars or Bonner Leaders.
  13. Federal Work-Study Eligible: indicate here if your school has made this position eligible for students on Federal Work-Study
  14. Criminal Background Check Required: indicate here if the position requires a criminal background check



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