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Setting BWBRS Calendar Dates

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Setting BWBRS calendar dates is important for the proper operation of the system.  You need to set dates for the start of each semester (and summer) in both the current academic year and the next.


Step 1: Go to Manage Settings

Click on School Menu > Manage Settings (#1).  From this page, click on the Available Actions > Set Calendar Dates menu (#2).


Note: this page allows you to set the Calendar Type (#1) which we strongly reocmmend you keep to "3 Semesters (Fall, Spring, & Summer)" even for schools with a winter term to minimize the number of times you'll need to advance positions, ask students to complete Community Learning Agreements, etc. 



Step 2: Confirm Dates for Current Academic Year

You should confirm the dates set for the current academic year. These dates will affect the cut off for hour logs when viewed by month and semester. They can be changed at any time without causing any problems to the system.



Step 3: Set Dates for the Next Academic Year

From the next screen, you then click on the Available Actions > Next Year menu (#1).



From this page, you then add the start dates for each semester of the next school year (that is one year ahead of the current school year: set 2013-14 dates when you start the 2012-13 school year).

You need to do this because the system needs to know the last day of the current school year's summer semester, which it automatically sets as the day before the first day of the following fall semester. So, the Summer 2013 semester ends on the day before the Fall 2013 semester.



You may even take another minute to set the dates for two academic years ahead of where you are today just to ensure that there are no problems in the future.



Setting BWBRS Calendar Dates.pdf

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