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Copy of Somerset Christian College 

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Somerset Christian College Newark Campus                     Somerset Christian College Somerset Campus

Military Park Building                                                      Stonecrest Community Church
60 Park Place                                                                  11 Technology Dr. North
Suite 701                                                                       Warren, NJ 07059
Newark, NJ 07102



CAMPUS AT A GLANCE (brief description)

About Somerset Christian College

Welcome to Somerset Christian College where we are dedicated to helping you pursue God's purpose and your passions in higher education. SCC is an undergraduate institution of higher learning that is faithful to classical Christianity, grounded on the authority of God's Word, and committed to challenging Christians to serve Christ with passion and purpose. As He came into the world to serve God and humanity, you also are invited to learn how to invest your life to make an impact that will last.

Mission Statement

Somerset Christian College educates, inspires, and equips students for excellent scholarship, service, and leadership. Rooted in and committed to Christian faith and love, SCC fosters intellectual, spiritual, and social development among its diverse student population at various instructional sites.



Somerset Chrisitan College is an educational ministry of the Pillar of Fire, International. The Pillar of Fire was organized in 1901. It is an evangelical organization with theological roots in the Methodist Episcopal Church and the nineteenth century American Holiness Movement.

Zarephath Bible Institute (ZBI) was founded in 1908 as a training school for missionaries, preachers, and teachers. Over the years, it has prepared many students to serve in various occupations in numerous Christian ministry organizations.

ZBI became Somerset Christian College on March 23, 2001 When the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education issued the license to grant the two-year Associate in Biblical Studies degree. In 2006 the college was approved to offer four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees.



Name of Campus-Wide Center: Somerset Internship/Bonner Leadership Program

Relevant website:  http://somerset.edu  


Type of Program: 

§Somerset Internship /Bonner Leadership Program will educate and inspire students to become change agents through social development, and civic engagement while building fostering partnerships in non-profit and for profit organization throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. 

§Our mission is to equip students  with personal and professional leadership skills to positively impact institutional practices and procedures.

Somerset Internship/Bonner Leadership Program Core Values

§Relationships building §Empowered leaders §We value excellence in service §We value teamwork

Year Began: 2009

Bonner Program website: http://somerset.edu

Number of Bonner Scholars/Leaders: 9

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award: 9

Active in Other AmeriCorps Ed Award: 0

Active in Learn & Serve CBR: 0

Active in FIPSE Civic Ed Certficate/Minor:  0



President: Dr David Schroeder

Center Director: Dr Louis Ao

Bonner Director: Ebony Black

Bonner Senior Intern(s): Valerie P. Crute

Bonner Congress Representatives:



MORE ABOUT US (our partners, trips, structure, best or unique practices)

alerie Crute, Bonner Senior Intern and Delia King a Bonner Intern work together to complete their internship at:

 IYO International Youth Organization, 703 South 12th St., Newark, NJ  07103. 

Located in Newark’s South Ward, The International Youth Organization/New Jersey Youth Corps is one of the leading multi-service, community-based nonprofit agencies serving disadvantaged youth and their families in the Greater Newark Area of New Jersey since 1970. IYO/NJYC serves youth and young adults, ages 16 to 25, who are out of school, out of work, and without a high school diploma. In achieving the goals of its mission statement, IYO/NJYC deals with the underlying educational and social aspects in order to develop competent and motivated young people who are ready to enter the workforce. IYO/NJYC provides GED preparation, and there are over 200 young people on their waiting list at any given time.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Wallace, Executive Director of The International Youth Organization, at (973) 621-1100 or ceo@iyonewark.org

Urban Impact  10 Chapel Drive Zarephath, NJ 08890 | Phone: 732.356.0102 | Contact: Patti Parker 732.356.0102x4402

We know that we can't change the world, but we can do something. One life at a time. The lives we focus on are young men in our surrounding inner cities. There are thousands of them. They may look tough, but they're hungry, afraid and often filled with hopelessness.

Urban Impact is a program that not only offers to meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of inner city youth, but we offer hope that transcends any life situation.

Rob  Cruver, Pastor http://www.urban-impact.org



Saturday May 12, 2012- Our Bonner Leaders Group will sponsor the Annual Student / Faculty Baseball Game & Barbeque

Friday May 18, 2012 - The Bonner Leaders will sponsor SCC Bacaloret 2012

June 3-8, 2012 - We will be enjoying the Bonner Conference as a group.  Can anyone say ROAD TRIP. :)


Please complete the:

SCC - Bonner Program Start-Up Plan    DONE


Student Leadership Planning:

 Click here for Congress Leadership Plans:

SCC Congress Action Planning





Serve 2.0

  • Staff Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Student Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Planning to submit mini-grant proposal:  yes - no
  • Bonner Program or Campus-Wide Wiki status:  created - not created; if yes, provide URL
  • Participating in Bonner Video Project:  yes - no
    • Student BVL (Bonner Video Liaison) contact info posted on link: Bonner Video Liaisons
    • Need a Flip Cam? (we can provide one per campus): yes - no
  • See useful links:  Serve 2.0 Resource Wiki   |   Mini-Grant RFP



  • Using BWBRS 3.0: yes - no - comment
  • Need for additional training:  yes - no - for whom
  • See useful links:  BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide


Bonner AmeriCorps

  • Please list the contact information of the staff and student interns who manage your AmeriCorps Paperwork:
    • Note:  due to the audit and the transition to BWBRS 3, all current AmeriCorps Managers will be scheduled for an AmeriCorps Management Training for 2009 within the first few weeks of the semester. Please schedule this phone call with your Foundation Program Associate as soon as possible.
  • Spring Enrollments 2009:  Please complete this survey right away: AmeriCorps Survey
  • Please note: This survey is for the Spring semester slots only. It does not matter if your campus had previously requested slots and have "left overs." Please fill out this survey to specify how many members your campus will enroll this semester. If you do not want slots, they should fill it in with zeroes. We will be sending out a Summer and Fall request as well, so this is only for this semester. 


Issue-Based Research

  • What issue(s) working group will your campus focus on (in preparation for SLI 2009)? 
    • general issue area
  • Specific topic for issue brief (see Research Guide for help to work with partner in defining):  
    • specific issue brief topic (define by February)
  • Lead contact people for project (staff and/or students, community partner agency):
    • names, titles, phone numbers, emails
  • See useful links:  PolicyOptions Wiki   |  Campus Implementation Guide



Feel free to upload photos, especially of events like Orientation, First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Congress Representatives and Senior Interns, Campus-Wide projects, or the Bonner community.  Provide brief captions if you can.

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