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Resume Contents Continued

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Next you will want to identify each verb in your list and create a new list of verbs from your description. 


(*Note: the words that are underlined are considered your verbs)


  • Served meals to the homeless, helped guests to connect with resources.
  • Volunteered 10hrs/wk, worked with kitchen director to identify resources. 



Then, identify and create another list of individuals or groups that you interact with as a part of fulfilling your role.


  •  Served meals to the homeless, helped guests to connect with resources
  • Volunteered 10 hrs/wk, worked with kitchen director to identify resources. Several people got hosting, jobs and food. 



Thereafter, identify the results or outcomes of your role.


  • Served meals to the homeless, helped guests to connect with resources.
  • Volunteered 10 hrs/wk, worked with kitchen director to identify resources.
  • Several people got housing, jobs and food.
  • Learned to prepare meals for large numbers, practice advocacy skills.  



  • Several people got housing, jobs and food.
  • Learned to prepare meals for large numbers
  • Practiced advocacy skills 


Lastly, assemble your list into 3 columns specifying:  verbs, individuals/groups, results. The goal now is to use the columns as a starting point to begin drafting the sentences that will compose your work experiences for this particular position. Keep in mind the characteristics of a resume writing style described at the beginning of this section.


Moreover, use the columns to create short sentences that have three parts: a strong action verb, who or what was involved, and the result.



Verbs Individuals/Groups  Results 
  • Served
  • Helped
  • Volunteered
  • Worked
  • Learned
  • Prepared
  • Practiced 
  • Homeless
  • Guests
  • Kitchen director
  • people 
  • Several people got hosting, jobs and food
  • Learned to prepare meals for large numbers
  • Practiced advocacy skills 


Once you've completed this exercise, you will be prepared to begin forming your sentences. Below you will find examples on how to translate it onto your resume.



First Example


Action Verb  Who/What Involved  Results 
Worked with...  homeless guests... to find housing, job, etc. 


Second Example


Action Verb  Who/What Involved  Results 
Helped...  kitchen director...  prepare meals for guests. 


Make sure to review each of your sentences. Remember, it is important that each sentence begins with the appropriate verb that accurately describes the experience as directly and actively as possible.


Questions to consider when revising sentences:

  • Does my action verb accurately describe my experience?
  • Is the sentence clear and direct? 



Click here to view a complete list of available "Sample Action Words"



Labeling the Experience 


Now that you have accomplished the task of developing your job description, its time to put the finishing it, which includes: (helpful tip: for every description you create you want to be mindful to organize them in chronological order from most present work experience.)


  • The organization you worked with
  • The title of your position
  • Where the organization is located (city, state)
  • Length of time you held the position (earliest  month/year to latest or present.) 



Urban Outreach Inc, Atlanta, Georgia 

Volunteered, September 2001-Present

  • Advised homeless guests in finding housing, jobs, and resources. Assisted kitchen director in preparing meals for guests. Practiced advocacy skills in locating resources for guests.



Final Component of a Resume



Simply indicate that references are "available upon request" in a paper version of your résumé. You should know at least 3 people who can serve as your references. Ask in advance for permission to use them as references. Use faculty and employers as references, not personal acquaintances. Do not include their names, address, or phone numbers on the résumé. You may send a separate sheet with this information along with your résumé, or wait until the employer requests references.



Additional Resume Writing Resources 

Click here to find some other resources we've pulled for you as you craft your resume. These particular resources comes from the career services office of Stanford University.



Click here to view sample resumes



Now that you've designed your resume, it would be helpful to have someone look at it and give you constructive criticism. Click on Get LInked, to find ways to get connected with our Career Network Consultants to have your resume reviewed.


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