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Bonner AmeriCorps Exit Check List

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The AmeriCorps Exit Checklist is a tool that will help you determine if your Member is able to exit with an award and to make sure that all required paperwork has been completed before the exit form is submitted to the Foundation.


We are requesting that this review sheet accompany every exit form that is submitted weather or not the Member will be receiving an award.  


Follow the three simple steps to completing the exit review sheet and include it with every AmeriCorps Exit Form that you submit to the Foundation. 




Fill out the Basic Member Information



Go through the Member’s BWBRS Hours Logs and put the total approved AmeriCorps-eligible hours for the corresponding months. If there is time that cannot be approved due to a missing site supervisor signature, write the amount of time in the potential column and the reason in the next column. Be sure that the potential time is not counted in the Approved hours column.


Also, be sure you address each of the member's Case Management items (if applicable).  There is a line on the exit check list for notes related to open case management items (see below).


And, also make sure you complete their AmeriCorps Member Evaluation.




Review the final details for the Member’s Exit and circle the corresponding answer. Sign and date the form.





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