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Service Abroad Handbook Series

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The original support resource created for international service, the Service Abroad Handbook series is a series of easy-to-use and off-the-shelf guide designed for students, administrators, and international service partners. It's a great way to get a "Global Engagement 101" training and learn more about the various opportunities and resources that are available to you.


On this page, you'll find:

  • the Student Service Abroad Handbook, which is designed to help students plan for an international immersion
  • the Administrators' Service Abroad Guide, which includes various training and reflection ideas as well as management tools to prepare, assist, and welcome back Bonners who study abroad
  • the International Service Partners' Guide to the Bonner Network, which is a useful tool for starting a new placement or partnership and also includes a CLA workbook for the student and partner organization to work through






The Student Service Abroad Handbook 

download the PDF version here: Service Abroad Handbook.pdf


The Administrators' Service Abroad Guide 

download the PDF version here:  Administrator's Guide.pdf

  • Preparation Materials
    • Creating a Service Abroad Resource Base
    • Introducing Service Abroad
    • Sample Service Abroad Application
  • Managing Students Abroad
    • Using Technology to Keep in Touch
    • Administrator's Management Timeline
    • Student's Action Timeline
    • Dates & Deadlines Chart
  • Facilitating Reflection
    • Reflection Workbook for Bonners Abroad
    • Student Reentry: Smoothing the Transition
    • Reflecting Back on Campus
    • From Service to Politics
    • Creating a Service Abroad Resource Base 



The International Service Partners' Guide to the Bonner Network

download the PDF version here:  Service Partner Guide.pdf



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