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Bonner Curriculum

Title of workshop

Overview: Brief summary description (covering purpose, touching on type of activity, though not in detail since that is covered below in “How to Do”)

3-7 sentences


Category: labels that describe what skills and knowledge areas the session addresses (e.g., diversity, project management, team building, leadership skills)



Focus or Goals of this Guide:


  • List 3-5 goals that describe the intended goals or outcomes for the session. These statements should give both the presenters and participants a clear idea of what the “take aways” of the workshop are — in terms of learning.

  • Example: participants will learn ways to encourage Bonners to have more international perspective

  • Goal

  • Goal




  • Bullet list of materials

  • Materials

  • Materials




Brief Outline:

Brief summary statement (describing the activities) aimed at the user/trainer/facilitator. The main purpose of this section is to give the facilitator an ideas about the main structure and emphasis of the training. This should be followed by outline of suggested steps or summary description of contents.


The outline has the following parts (modify to cover number):


  1. Activity suggested time x minutes

  2. Activity suggested time x minutes

  3. Activity suggested time x minutes

  4. Activity suggested time x minutes

  5. Activity suggested time x minutes


Your Plan


Part 1) Activity Title

Suggested time:

Describe what you are going to do

You may note script


Part 2) Activity Title

Suggested time:

  • Describe what you are going to do

  • You may note script


Part 3) Activity Title

Suggested time:

  • Describe what you are going to do

  • You may note script

    And so on…





Followed by Handouts

It’s best to put your handouts at the end of the trainer guide, so that they do not get lost in the shuffle of emails or binders. Try to establish and use a consistent “look and feel” for all handouts. That is, use the same fonts, typefaces, margins, graphical consistency, etc.


You can put page breaks between the guide and subsequent handouts to keep it orderly.


Oftentimes, handouts contain critical content for the workshop. We suggest that you put that content into the trainer guide as well (e.g., don’t simply say “refer to the handout”) because (1) it will ensure that the presenters have the content if the handouts get lost; (2) it reinforces preparation for the facilitator; and (3) it allows you to build in helpful suggestions to facilitators about how to present the content on the handouts, such as in suggested script.

COOL Curriculum: Title page 3

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