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2011 SLI Engaged Scholarship Symposium

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Engaged Scholarship and Teaching Symposium (Faculty Track) | Symposium RFP




The 2011 Engaged Scholarship and Teaching Symposium is designed for faculty, administrators, and advanced student leaders as a two-day conference on June 1st and 2nd. Designed in partnership by the Bonner Foundation and network, New York Campus Compact network, and Siena College, this event will provide both scholarly and practical knowledge and strategies for advancing community-engaged learning and academic-service connections. The Symposium is open to participants from the Bonner and Campus Compact networks. (NOTE: those beyond may also contact us to attend).  For Bonner administrators and faculty who are attending the Summer Leadership Institute from May 31 to June 3rd may opt to join this track, which is integrated within the SLI agenda. Faculty may also opt to attend only on June 1st and 2nd. Housing on campus may be provided.  Please contact Ariane Hoy (ahoy@bonner.org) and Ruth Scipione (rscipione@siena.edu) for questions about on-campus lodging, or visit the  Off Campus Lodging page above for other options.


A key purpose of this programming will be to extend SLI to include faculty who already are or want to be engaged with the campus-based service efforts, including the Bonner Program, service-learning, and community-based research on their own campuses and nationally. We will structure the programming and networking in ways that enhance individual campus programs and the opportunity to leverage national networking.


The 2011 Engaged Scholarship and Teaching Symposium at Summer Leadership Institute will provide administrators and faculty with the opportunity to:


    • network and develop with engaged colleagues and share their own models and strategiesfor connecting community service with academic coursework, in the form of community-based research, service learning, and institutional initiatives;
    • meet colleagues from diverse roles and institutions who share common hopes for more fully leveraging the resources of higher education to address and provide solutions to pressing community needs;
    • co-present their research, community-based learning, and civic work in partnership with students and partners, in the spirit of the Bonner frameworks that value student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure as linked processes;
    • pursue new professional advancement opportunities, including ways to enhance their current campus program offerings, identify future research topics and engage in writing and publishing (through future opportunities); and 
    • learn helpful best practices and strategies for enhancing one’s own or colleagues’ work on service-learning, community-based research and policy research—for example by learning how to better integrate students in course leadership and organizational roles to help carry out such projects, or how to develop a good syllabus


The Symposium is built around the following themes.  See this page for more information and to submit a presentation via the RFP.

    • Student Learning and Leadership
    • Community Partner Capacity, Voice, and Impact
    • Strategic Campus Change and Institutionalization
    • Promising Research and Innovative Practice 


The Symposium will also provide:

    • the opportunity to learn more about the national landscape of student civic engagement,with data from nearly 10,000 student participants in campus-based assessments of student engagement at 25 institutions;
    • a chance to discuss and shape future faculty-oriented assessment instruments that will provide needed data about current levels, forms, and challenges of faculty engagement; and
    • conversations about trends in higher education and data-driven strategic planning for advancing the vision and implementation of campus-wide civic engagement and community-based learning.


Why should faculty attend?

This is a chance to connect with, extend and deepen your work on community engaged learning and scholarship. By attending, individual faculty members not only have the chance to deepen their relationships with the Bonner Programs on their own campuses, they will have a chance to network with colleagues in a national context. In addition, out of this event may come new opportunities, including the chance to write and publish research and learning. We are in the process of exploring publication opportunities that may grow out of this event.  Moreover, this track will be:


    • low cost (with lodging provided if requested; most meals provided; Bonner campus programs may talk with a Bonner Foundation staff member about utilizing available funds to help cover travel; for New York Campus Compact participants, talk with NY Compact about attending just on June 1st and 2nd
    • fun and relaxed (with plenty of social time to meet and converse with other interesting professionals);
    • scholarly (with plenty of elective workshops and opportunities to take home models, best practices, and ideas);
    • inspiring, especially with the opportunity to meet engaged, committed student leaders, as well as staff from national civically-oriented organizations like CIRCLE, RESULTS, Roosevelt Campus Network, the Echoing Green Foundation, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and more;
    • and, finally, a great opportunity to better understand and leverage the power and knowledge of or collective state and national networks.


Presentation Opportunities


There are four elective workshops on June 1 and 2 for which any attending participant may apply to present.  We especially hope to invite faculty members (especially in partnership with administrators and students) to present on topics such as:


    • course design that includes service-learning or community-based research projects
    • forging and sustaining long-term community partnerships
    • strategies for including community partner voice in the classroom and academic planning
    • leveraging strategic planning processes to support and deepen civic engagement
    • driving institutional change 
    • assessment and evaluation
    • strategies for engaging students in leadership roles with study-service connections


Preference will be given to workshops that actively engage participants in the topic of the session by modeling the the teaching strategy or brainstorming possible applications in the institution of the participants.


We particularly encourage presentations that involve a team of facilitators, including students and partners as well. See the full announcement and RFP by clicking on the link below.


Schedule at a Glance

NOTE:  Click PDF in the bottom right corner of this page to print this wiki page as a PDF.




June 1

9:00 am—9:45 am   Registration and coffee 
9:45 am—11:00 am 

Faculty Symposium Presentation

“Seeding the Campus with Academic Community Engagement"

Featuring presentation by Trisha Thorme

11:00 am—11:15 am  Coffee break 
11:15 am—12:30 pm  

Faculty Elective Workshops  (elect from several sessions)

*  Visit Symposium RFP to submit a workshop 

12:30 pm—1:30 pm   Lunch 
1:45 pm—3:00 pm

Faculty Elective Workshops  (elect from several sessions)

*  Visit Symposium RFP to submit a workshop 

3:15 pm—4:40 pm

Faculty Symposium Presentation


“Ripening Fruits:  Strategies for Institutionalizing Community Engagement in the Curricula"

Featuring presentation by Dan Butin

4:45 pm—6:00 pm

Networking Session

Come see models of academic community engagement from across the country

6:00 pm—8:45 pm Dinner out in Albany
9:00 pm—12:00 am Faculty and Staff Reception and social time


June 2

7:45 am—8:45 am Breakfast
8:30 am—9:45 am   New York Campus Compact Advisory Board Meetings
9:00 am—9:45 am Bonner Summer Leadership Institute All-Conference Session
9:45 am—10:00 am Coffee break 
10:00 am—11:30 am   

Faculty Symposium Presentation

Assessing Community Engagement: 

 The National Community Engagement Landscape 

11:30 am—1:00 pm 

Lunch and Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned from Campuses

through the Assessment of Service and Community Engagement  (ASCE) Survey

1:00 pm—1:15 pm Coffee break
1:15 pm—2:30 pm

Faculty Elective Workshops  (elect from several sessions)

*  Visit Symposium RFP to submit a workshop 

2:30 pm—2:45 pm   Coffee break 
2:45 pm—4:00 pm

Faculty Elective Workshops  (elect from several sessions)

*  Visit Symposium RFP to submit a workshop 

4:00 pm—4:45 pm

Faculty Elective Workshops  (elect from several sessions)

*  Visit Symposium RFP to submit a workshop 


If you'd like to stay on...  
6:00 pm—8:45 pm Dinner out or Siena College Block Party and BBQ with the Bonner Network
9:00 pm—12:00 am

Evening Video Project Showing and Talent Show

Faculty and Staff Reception and social time



June 3


7:45 am—8:45 am Breakfast
9:00 am—10:15 am

Administrators' Session

9:45 am—10:00 am Coffee break 
10:00 am—11:30 am 

Summer Leadership Institute Closing Session and Presentations by Tracks 


Start the Faculty Engagement Symposium RFP


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