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Congress Registration Reminder E-mail

Page history last edited by Kelly Behrend 9 years ago

Dear Directors and Coordinators,


We just wanted to make sure that you saw the upcoming registration and big idea proposal deadline for Bonner Congress.

Since the meeting is happening a bit earlier this year—October 7-9th at Rider University—attending Congress Reps and Interns need to be registered by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd. This is about a week and a half away!  Hosts need that time to line up the housing for Reps.  You can find recommended travel, the tentative agenda, and more online at: BONNER CONGRESS MEETING MAIN PAGE.


Also, attending students need to submit their BIG IDEA PROPOSAL by the following Monday, SEPTEMBER 26th.  This is also the deadline for workshop submission, which is optional. Because Bonner Advisory Board students and staff will be reading these proposals in order to group students, it's important we receive them.  

  • Note that many Reps already articulated their big ideas during the Summer Leadership Institute Congress Track in June.  It's not necessary that Reps change their big idea; they can continue on a project from last year if they way.
  • Big ideas generally create a strategy to strengthen your campus program—addressing student leadership & development, community partnerships & impact, or campus-wide culture.  In addition, because of the involvement of Roosevelt Campus Network and the THINK 2040 policy perspectives this June, Reps may want to include a policy or issue dimension.  
  • It is important that you as staff check in with your Reps about their big idea and make sure you are supportive of it. 
  • Then, the proposal itself is brief and simple.  Your Reps can find their page ready to go on the Bonner Network Wiki.  


See the links below for REGISTRATION and BIG IDEA SUBMISSION:



Please feel free to forward or cut and paste this email to your attending students!  



Ari, Kelly, and Nefisah







Dear Congress Reps and Student Leaders!


It's that time of year again - start getting psyched for Bonner Congress, because we'll be at The Change Exchange!


Who and what is Bonner Congress?Each year, two representatives from each Bonner Scholar or Bonner Leader Program (75 total programs) are selected—ideally with the input of peers and administrators—to play this important role.  Bonner Congress Representatives serve two or more years and are leaders on their campus and in the network. Their primary activities are to "represent, build, and lead" as they serve as the liaisons to the Bonner Foundation and the voice of the Bonner student service movement.


What is the Bonner Congress Meeting in October about?As you know, Congress Reps and Students gain leadership training, network with other students and organizations, and strategize about how to lead the Bonner movement for service back on campus. You will also arrive and meet in teams to discuss your annual "Big Idea" Project Proposal, which will outline a campus or community project that you will be leading back on campus for the academic year. You'll also meet in Regional Teams, to discuss regional networking and cool projects that better connect you with other Bonners and programs.

What is my role as a Rep right now?1)  GET REGISTERED BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd.  Talk with your director and make travel plans.  • See Travel/Logistics Recommendations (fly into Philadelphia, shuttles will pick up or fly into Newark and take train)• Then register online here, providing the necessary details:  CONGRESS REGISTRATION


2) SUBMIT YOUR BIG IDEA PROPOSAL BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th. To do that, visit this page.• See this page to find your school's page: BIG IDEA PROPOSAL SUBMISSION


3) IF YOU WANT to present (this is optional), submit an Elective Workshop.  The deadline is also SEPTEMBER 26th! We are looking for elective workshop blocks that share campus programs, provide skill-building opportunities, raise issue awareness, share successful past big ideas, and engage in reflection.• See WORKSHOP SUBMISSION


We look forward to seeing you and working with you for what will undoubtedly be an 



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