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Wofford College Big Idea Proposal, 2011-2012

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Congress Reps for 2011-2012

  • Jordan Hardy
  • Josh Turner 
  • Bonner Leadership Team* (will be the driving force behind the BIG IDEA) 


What's Your Big Idea Category? (please bold which one)

- Student Leadership & Development

- Community Partnerships & Impact

- Campus Culture & Coordination

- Policy & Change Campaigns 




With our recently acquired new space (a large room with great spaces for groups/people to meet in a comfortable atmosphere and the ability to use technology) we want to share our resource with the rest of our campus.  Our Bonner Leadership Team has decided that we want to host a “summit” which would include all service minded organizations on campus.  Such an event would bring many organizations together and allow them to communicate their mission and goals as well as collaborate with other groups with similar interests and concerns.  We would advertise that the Bonner Scholars are here to help people connect with community partners and support their service initiatives.  By bringing these currently disconnected groups together we will be able to great increase our impact on the community.  At the end of the year we hope to be able to have some sort of event that is hosted by service organizations that can display to the entire campus what sort of community impact their fellow students are involved in.  To sum up our “Big Idea” we want the students of Wofford College who are involved in service to be able to come together and be able to help each other as well as encourage more students to get involved, our job is to foster an environment where this can occur.  




Both our Bonner Coordinator and Bonner Director are on board and willing to help us in anyway possible.  We are strengthening the role of the Bonner Leadership team, and this group of students will run this project.  All Bonner Scholars will be asked to help us in some capacity by bring in their own personal strengths and connections.   Any students/organizations that are interested are welcome to help and support our goal.  Specific organizations will be APO, which is our largest service group on campus as well as Campus Union, our student government.  Campus Union has established a Wofford College “Chamber” which is made up of a representative from each organization and they are required to attend monthly meetings to maintain their charter.  Faculty members will be included in various capacities such as economics, social justice, or environmental issues to help support the summit and give organizations valuable information and tools.  Wofford’s administration is always supportive of student initiative and will certainly be involved along the way.  The main resource we will use is the new Bonner facility, but it not only houses Bonner, but rather Wofford College’s Center for Global & Community Engagement (CGCE).  There are funds out there that we can request to attract people to our summit.  Three things we want to accomplish are:  1)contacting all the groups and compiling all their information 2) group collaboration in some extent whether it be in smaller settings or one large meeting 3) achieve campus wide awareness of our new space and identity. 





Please draft some of your benchmark goals into the framework below:


  • Bonner Congress October 7-9, 2011:  Have all the BLT members energized and ready to start working on our "Big Idea"
  • MLK Day January 16, 2012: To have contacted all organizations and have dates set up for meetings in our new space. 
  • IMPACT Conference late March 2012: Have had the summit of organizations and are working on making this a lasting event, and continuing to support the organizations
  • SLI June 4-7, 2012: Have feedback from organizations to see how we can best support their needs.  




We want a campus that is connected with one another and the community in terms of service.  We want to have greater impact and be able to work and grow together as students of Wofford College.  Having a meeting of all service organizations will show to the students, faculty, administration, and community that we are truly dedicated to making a positive impact.  



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