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Bonner Congress Archives

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Currently, the Bonner Network involves nearly 75 participating institutions, hundreds of partner organizations, and nearly 10,000 Bonners past and present — working together on promoting civic engagement in multiple ways, through issue organizing, policy engagement, international partnerships, social media, alumni networks, conferences, trainings, and more. As an organization that has been promoting the national service movement for more than 20 years, the Bonner Network has grown to involve people from all backgrounds to come together and serve their communities.


How did this network begin? With a simple idea: that students could indeed make change in their communities.


This section of the wiki is devoted to archiving the student voice in our program, specifically as it has been heard through the Bonner Congress. Here, you'll find information on the Congress' activities past and present, including videos, reflections, trainings, and conference outlines that have been shaped by students from across the country over the past 20 years. 





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