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Allegheny College Big Idea Proposal, 2011-2012

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Allegheny College


What is the issue "Think 2040" at the center of your big idea and what is your big idea?


~Our big idea is to host a week-long event on campus that highlights different types of discrimination that is open to the campus and community members.  Each day would have different workshops and lectures, and on the final day we would have service projects that connect to the themes of the week.


What are the major institutions, organizations, groups and indviduals associated with your issue?


~Faculty: Within Black Studies and Women's Studies

~Campus Organizations: ABC, FAMILY, Queers and Allies, Young Feminists

~Campus Administration


How are you going to utilize these relationships and organization to achieve your big idea?


~Ask them to design workshops or lectures that connect as well as encourage the campus community to attend.


Time Goals:


Beginning of School Year (August) 

~Proposed idea, definite "game plan", begin contacting potential collaborators

Winter Break (December)

~Detailed schedule of events, contact al partners

IMPACT (March)


SLI 2012 (June)

~Reflect on the plan versus real event, execute event

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