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Annual Report Guidelines 2011

Page history last edited by Ariane Hoy 9 years ago

The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation 

Bonner Scholar and Leader Program

Annual Report Guidelines for 2010-2011


Deadline:  Monday, July 11, 2011




The 2010-2011 Annual Report structure aims to engage Bonner campus programs in providing a streamlined yet comprehensive summary of their work this past year.  We focus it on information that the Bonner Foundation finds is helpful in working effectively with your program and also in gathering and sharing relevant best practices with the national network.   


The Bonner Self-Assessment Tool is a core component of the annual report process, providing a structure for reflection and program planning.  In addition, these guidelines ask that campus programs continue to utilize the Bonner Network Wiki and web-based tools as vehicles for sharing information with both the Foundation and network.  Hence, there are three requests for the Annual Report as follows:


1.    Review of Self-Assessment and completion of your responses in Survey Monkey:  Staff members should review the Bonner Self-Assessment Tool.  Involve students, administrators, and faculty where relevant to the categories and items being assessed. You can download a copy here:


Then, with your completed assessments, log them into Survey Monkey.  We are asking campuses to do this because it will help the Foundation perform aggregate analysis, which will inform our focus for future meetings, resource development, and campus support.  You can find the survey at this link:


2.     Letter to the Foundation:  We would like to continue with the process of developing a campus support plan (which may involve ongoing consultation and visits) in response to your annual report. Drawing on your program’s completed self-assessment, we request that you submit a letter to the Foundation that addresses the following:


    • Identify 1-2 areas in which you had particular improvement or that you continue to identify as key strengths. Please describe the activities and achievements that contributed to this strength and/or improvement.  We are particularly interested in knowing what happened and why.  We leave it up to you to select and describe these activities.


    • Identify and describe 1-2 areas that remain unchanged or in which your program continues to identify challenges.  Please describe the particular difficulties and barriers you face in these areas.  What continues to hold back the program from improvement?  Please explain the nature of these challenges and what has been done successfully or unsuccessfully to address them.


  • This letter need not be long; 2-4 pages will generally suffice.


  • Mail and email this letter to the Bonner Foundation to:
    • Robert Hackett (President) & Ariane Hoy (Senior Program Officer), Bonner Foundation
    • Email to rhackett@bonner.org, ahoy@bonner.org
    • 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.  
    • Mailing is optional, but we especially request electronic copies of this letter for our files.


3.     Update of Your Campus Profile on the Bonner Network Wiki:  Please update your Campus Profile page to include names, emails, and phone numbers of relevant staff and student leaders (Bonner Interns and Congress Representatives especially).  Share a brief highlight, best practice, or achievement with others in the network.  In addition, complete the template (Year at a Glance) for the Annual Report 2010-2011 for your institution.  This year, we are asking you to share details about cornerstone activities, outstanding partnerships, campus-wide collaboration, and Serve 2.0 — information that we would like to be able to share across the network.




  • Also, feel free to upload photos, attachments, forms, and other documents you think would be helpful to others in the network.


4.     Additional Notes:  If your program is utilizing AmeriCorps awards, you will later be asked to complete a separate survey to report data and stories.  



In summary, your Annual Report should include:


  • Completed Self-Assessment Review and Survey Monkey
  • Letter to the Foundation
  • Updating of your Campus Profile on the Wiki.


The deadline for the Annual Reports is Monday, July 11, 2011.


Thank you!  If you need a three-week extension, please let us know.  In order to complete reading and responses over August and September, we request that your report be submitted before August 1, 2011.


Download these guidelines as a two-page document:  Final Annual Report Guidelines 2011.pdf

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