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Bates Year at a Glance

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Bates College


Please complete responses to the following prompts by July 11, 2011.  To upload files or documents:  Click edit.  Click Images and files in the right sidebar. Find and upload your file from your computer or server.  You can also cut and paste it in.


Community Partnerships:


     Our students participated in a wide range of community service activities.  Many worked in after-school tutoring programs, serving mostly African immigrant and refugee youth.  Another group of students worked closely with Maine People's Alliance, a grassroots organizing non-profit focused on a variety of issues, including fair housing and voter access.  One of the most innovative programs Bonners has been involved in has been the Refugee Volunteers Club, founded by Bonner alum Sarah Davis and now run by our senior intern, Jake Kaplove.  Refugee Volunteers is a student- and refugee-led club committed to building positive relationships between Bates College students and Maine refugees and improving refugees’ access to needed services. Students and community members do this by engaging in reciprocal service exchange through the L/A Time Bank, in collaboration with Catholic Charities Maine Immigration and Refugee Services (CCM RIS). the goals are to provide services to refugees, broaden students’ and refugees' perspectives on the diverse cultures around them, and build positive relationships between Bates and the Lewiston communities.


Student Development:





In addition to completing service hours and participating in working groups, Bonners participated in regular reflection sessions as well as workshops on a wide variety of topics.  Our year began with a two-day orientation session at the Shortridge Retreat Center, which culminated at Bates Morse Mountain in a service project dismantling lobster traps and a memorable hike which required students to traverse a stretch of flooded trails before reaching Sewall Beach.  The beginning of the second semester was punctuated by an all-day session, with opportunities for discussion and reflection the morning, and two service opportunities in the afternoon, one painting offices at Safe Voices, a domestic violence prevention organization, the other sorting, stacking, and labeling food at the Good Shepherd Food Bank.  Other workshops and trainings included: 


  • A time management workshop, led by psychology professor Su Langdon;
  • Trainings on how to be an effective mentor tutor, led by Harward Center staff as well as Sherry Russell, director of the Downtown Education Collaborative;
  • A workshop on effective facilitation, led by Holly Lasagna from the Harward Center;
  • A cultural competency workshop entitled “Are You Normal, and Who Decides?” led by Sherry Russell, along with two community members, Mumina Isse and Barbara Rankins;
  • A session on study skills led by Mary Sylvain-Leonas from the University of Southern Maine;
  • An all-day advocacy training, as a part of Project Pericles’ D4D program for students;
  • A workshop on Somali language and culture, led by youth from the Trinity Jubilee Center;
  • Sessions on grant-writing and –budgeting;


Additionally, Bonners met twice a month, once in their class groups, and once for an all-Bonner session.


  • Please upload a copy of your training and enrichment calendar.  Also, feel free to upload and briefly annotate any particularly useful training, education, or reflection sessions you can share with the network. 



Cornerstone Activities:


  • Sadly, we did not do a service trip with our first-years, but are hopeful that this will happen in the coming year. 
  • In March, our sophomores participated in a service exchange with sophomores from nearby Bowdoin College.  Bowdoin students came to the Bates campus for a day, and together our students designed and implemented a college awareness day for local refugee youth.  Activities included a campus tour, lunch in commons, and a variety of games and arts and crafts projects.  The day culminated in a reflection session in which students shared experiences about service, as well as ideas about future work they might do together.



  • While our Bonners do not participate in a capstone project (at least not yet!) all of our students are required to complete significant senior theses.  While neither of our graduating Bonners completed community-based theses this past year, many of our upcoming seniors will do so.


Campus-wide Collaboration:

One of the goals of the Bonner Leader Program is to maintain a strong student voice in the ongoing creation of the program by forming working groups comprised of students, staff, and faculty from various offices and departments devoted to various program components, including, assessment, recruitment, and cornerstone activities.  One of our most active groups focused on assessment.  This year, we piloted an e-portfolio system, in which students chose three goals from a list of five goal areas (which includes intercultural competence; academic connections; self-development/reflection; civic communication; and civic leadership).  For each of their goals, students created blogs and videos, and uploaded academic papers and other artifacts to demonstrate growth in their goal areas.   



Serve 2.0:


  • This year marks the completion of the third of the Serve 2.0 initiative. Please provide the names and links for your program's use of any of the following platforms.  
    • Facebook:
    • Wiki pages:
    • YouTube:
    • Podcasts:
    • Twitter: 
    •  Other: 


  • To be honest, Serve 2.0 has not been a strength of our program.  Other than Mahara, an eportfolio platform similar to Google docs, we have not done a lot in this area.







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