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Summer Interns 2011 Resources

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Share useful links and resources here:



Unfortunately, the Bonner Summer Internship does not offer housing for interns. We encourage you to find your own housing and to communicate with us through the process, as we have some of our own contacts in the area. The area does not have much local transportation, so unless you have a car, we recommend living in downtown Princeton if possible. Below are some good places to start:

          Here are two ways to find housing resources:

    • TigerTrade  http://point.princeton.edu/tigertrade/list_auctions.php?category=34 
      • This website is run through Princeton University, where you can find people who sell used appliance, furniture, etc. However the quality is not ensured. It is better for you to check the quality of goods at first.
    • Princeton University Offcampus Housing http://offcampushousing.princeton.edu/index.php 
      • This website is offered for Princeton students and faculty to find offcampus housing. They mostly have pictures of the housing and are in good quality. But you need to sign up first and you have to wait for 1 or 2 days to get permission to log in this website and get access to information. If you need instant access, please ask Kelly Behrend (Program Associate) at kelly@bonner.org.  for the username and password.



          Local Bus Routes,

          #600 Bus Line Trenton-Plainsboro

          #605 Bus Line Montgomery, Princeton, Quaker Bridge Mall

          #606 Bus Line Princeton - Hamilton

          #100 Coach Suburban Transit New York, New Brunswick, Princeton

          Princeton's FreeB Jitney Service 


          TigerTransit/Shuttle Service

          These bus routes are free to take and run around the campus of Princeton University.

          The GPS website can track buses in real-time: http://princeton.transloc.com/

          The Summer Schedule: http://www.princeton.edu/parking/tigertransit.html#summer


          Taxi Services
          AAA Princeton Taxi (609) 921-1177
          Associated Taxi Stand (609) 924-1222 
          B-1 Taxi & Limo Service (609) 921-2667
          Johnny’s Taxi Service (609) 448-2492
          Princeton Discount Taxi Service (609) 924-6645
          Princeton Economy Taxi & Limo Service (609) 799-9180 or (866) 931-8294


          Train Travel 

          NJ Transit Homepage:  http://www.njtransit.com/hp/hp_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=HomePageTo

          NJ Northeast Corridor

          Amtrak: http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Amtrak/HomePage 



If you take a flight to travel from other states to New Jersey, two airports are avaliable: Newark Liberty International Airport(EWR) and Philidelphia International Airport(PHL). Please take EWR as your primary choose because you can take NJ Transit to arrive Princeton. When you arrive Newark Airport, please take AirTran ,short distance train connect between terminals, to NJ Transit station. Then take NJ Northeast Corridor line towards Trenton. Transfer to "Dinky" at Princeton Junction Station. "Dinky" is a short train route that runs between Princeton and Princeton Junction every 30 mins. It takes about 50 mins from Newark Airport to Princeton Junction and 5 mins from Princeton Junction to Princeton. The one-way adult ticket price is $18. 



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