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KU Bonner Leader Student Profiles

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Kean University Bonner Leaders


Kean Service Corps/Bonner Leaders

The Kean Service Corps (KSC) is group of trained student leaders who are employed by the Center for Leadership and Service. They promote civic responsibility and assist students, staff and faculty interested in volunteer, community service and service learning opportunities by matching them with volunteer, community service and service learning experiences.



Annie Ramos

Senior, Education Major


-Kean Service Corps

-Bonner Leader

-AmeriCorp Member




Gabriela Zanatta

Junior, Education Major


-Kean Service Corps- Site coordinator S.O.A.R after school program,  Elizabeth  NJ

-Bonner Leader, AmeriCorp Member




Ilianna Jimenez




Samir Abdul

Junior-Accounting Major


-Kean Service Corp Senior Member

-Bonner Leader

-AmeriCorp Member

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