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New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program Positions Available

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AmeriCorps Placements in New Jersey

Currently accepting applications


The New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program mobilizes the talents of college students and community members, the resources of institutions of higher education, and the expertise of nonprofit organizations to address critical community needs in Mercer and Middlesex counties in New Jersey. In 2013-14, NJ Bonner AmeriCorps members will provide services related to academic support for disadvantaged youth, job training and other skill development services for un - and underemployed persons, and food security for low-income individuals and families.  Additionally, Members will mobilize volunteers to serve alongside them at their service sites.  Members will also participate in training and enrichment activities designed to enhance their personal and professional skills.  


AmeriCorps is an opportunity to make a big difference in your life and in the lives of those around you. It’s a chance to apply your skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs in the community. Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps!


Available Positions:

We anticipate that the following community-based organizations and colleges will host full- and part-time AmeriCorps members for 2013-2014, listed here by issue area:


College Access

  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick - Future Scholars/College Access Program Coordinator (Full-time 1700 hr. position) 


Food Security

  • Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen - Sustainability and Urban Agriculture Coordinator (Full-time 1700 hr. position)  
  • Jewish Family and Children's Service of Mercer County - Case Management Coordinator (Full-time 1700 hr. position)    
  • Mercer Street Friends Food Bank - Program Outreach Assistant (Full-time 1700 hr. position)   
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick - Food Security Team Leader (Part-time 900 hr. position)   
  • The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County, Inc. - (Full-time 1700 hr. position)   
  • YMCA of Trenton - New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids (Full-time 1700 hr. position)
  • HomeFront - Healthy Children/Families Associate (Full time 1700 hour position) 


Job Training and Other Skill Development

  • Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen - Promise Culinary School Coordinator (Part-time, 900 hr. position) 
  • Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen - Vocational Counselor & Job Developer (Part-time, 900 hour)
  • Mercer Street Friends - TESEC/GED Instructional Aide (Part-time, 900 hr. position)
  • The College of New Jersey, Juvenile Justice Division Program Assistant -  (Full-time, 1700 hr. position) 
  • Trenton Area Soup Kitchen - General Education Degree Program (Part-time, 900 hr. position)
  •  HomeFront - Adult Literacy/GED Prep Assistant (Full time, 1700 hour position) 


Youth Literacy

  • HomeFront's Cherry Tree Club Preschool Associate (Full-time, 1700 hr. position) 
  • Rider University - Urban Education Program Coordinator (Full-time, 1700 hr. position) 
  • The College of New Jersey - Literacy and College Access Mentoring Program Assistant (Full-time, 1700 hr. position)
  • Westminster Community Life Center - Youth Literacy Assistant (2 Part-time 900 hr. position, 1 minimum time 300 hour position) 
  • YMCA of Trenton - Youth Literacy Assistant (5 minimum-time 300 hour positions) 



The following benefits are available for AmeriCorps members:

  • Modest Living Allowance 
  • AmeriCorps Education Award (may only be used to pay tuition at a qualified institution of higher education or to repay qualified student loans)
  • Health Care Benefits (Full-time members only)
  • Child Care Benefits


To Apply: 



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