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Shuffle Your Buns

Page history last edited by tkrumreig 9 years, 8 months ago

Shuffle Your Buns


Arrange chairs in a circle. There should be one less chair the the number of participants. One person stands in the middle while the other plays sit in the chairs. The person standing in the middle will stay "shuffle your buns if..." and then make a statement about personality or personal experience. All of participants who identify with the statement must get out of their seat and find a new seat. The person left without a seat is then "it".


-Shuffle your buns if you're from Ohio.

-Shuffle your buns if your favorite color is blue. 

-Shuffle your buns if your site works with homelessness. 

-Shuffle your buns if you've been to Summer Leadership Institute.

-Shuffle your buns if you're a Bonner!" 



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