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-Augsburg College-

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Augsburg College


Campus Profile: Augsburg College


Big Idea: Augsburg College Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011



  • Spoke with Alexis Stadstad
  • She will be attending Congress 
  • Excited about working on their Big Idea: Implementing events that deal with creating policy change.
    • Hopefully working with faculty and staff at Augsburg to help initiate and implement events.
    • Will host up to 3 or 4 events that will be determined at a later date. 
    • Connecting class courses to public policy.  
  • Have Bonner Families that help keep their Bonners engaged with one another.
  • Alexis explained that the Bonners at Augsburg are passionately committed to what they do and being at a school that also values community service has made their Bonner experiences great.


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