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December 2012

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Network News


Introducing The B-Mail!

Welcome to the first edition of The B-Mail: For Bonner News You Can Use. This bulletin is sent out to all Bonners across the country — did you know there are more than 3,000 Bonners in almost 75 colleges and universities and 5,000 Bonner Alumni around the world? The Bonner Network has been around for over 20 years, and because of new social media features, we're excited to be connecting with you! 


This bulletin is coming to you from the national Bonner Foundation in Princeton, New Jersey.



Jobs & Internship Opportunities

The Bonner Foundation has partnerships with organizations across the country, many of which offer internship, fellowship or post-graduate opportunities. Here are some of the latest opportunities available to you:


  • Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship | Applications due January 17, 2012
    • Each year, twenty Emerson National Hunger Fellows help shape and implement local social justice programs all over the U.S. and then research and support national policy initiatives in Washington, DC. Participants are selected for this eleven-month program based on the criteria below.  Fellows are placed for five months with urban and rural community organizations involved in fighting hunger at the local level, such as grassroots organizing groups, food banks, local advocacy groups, economic development agencies, and faith-based organizations.  They then move to Washington, D.C. to complete the year with five months of work at advocacy and public policy organizations involved in anti-hunger and anti-poverty work at the national level.  This unique program allows Fellows to bridge community grassroots efforts and national public policy. Applications are encouraged from candidates reflecting diverse educational, cultural, personal and experiential backgrounds.
    • For more information about the Program and for details on the application process, please visit our website:http://www.emersonapplication.org.


  • Coady Summer Institute Certificate Course, "Building Skills for Social Change" 
    • The Coady Institute is offering a 3-week summer certificate for young community practitioners, volunteers and activists.  Skills for Social Change provides an opportunity for youth to share their experiences with one another, explore the challenges of community engagement and gain new skills in order to better contribute to the communities of which they are a part.  They will also have the chance to interact and engage with experienced community practitioners from across the world whom they will be studying alongside at the Institute in Antigonish, NS.
    • There is more detailed information about the certificate on our website.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. http://www.coady.stfx.ca/education/certificates/Skills_for_Social_Change/ 


  • Roosevelt Institute Summer Academy 2012 | Applications due February 15, 2012 
    • The Roosevelt Institute | Summer Academy fellowship combines a full-time placement in a partner organization with an integrated curriculum of leadership, policy development and implementation. Fellows are provided weekly policy trainings and a speaker series where they can interact with leading progressive thinkers and policy organizations. Throughout this rigorous program, each Fellow will develop the skills necessary to craft, implement, and promote community-focused policy; the product of which is a personalized policy piece. The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Networkcurrently runs the Summer Academy in three major cities: Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C; providing a unique set of experiences and opportunities for each Fellow. Although different in city program, the Campus Network provides guidance in policy writing & research, policy implementation, and professional development under the Roosevelt | Thinks training curriculum. 
    • http://www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org/applyacademy12


  • 2012-2013 Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs | Applications due January 20, 2012
    • The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs is a full-time, nine month, graduate-level experiential leadership training program that prepares diverse, talented and committed individuals for effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena. Unconventional by traditional academic standards, the Fellows Program is rigorous and demanding, an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth. The Fellows Program is offered in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and St. Louis. 
    • http://www.coro.org/site/c.geJNIUOzErH/b.4667963/  



Upcoming Conferences


  • IMPACT CONFERENCE is coming soon and registration is OPEN! Details below:
    • Experience the energy of a national conference that has been going strong for over two decades. By offering workshop at the IMPACT conference, you will gain experience presenting and marketing to a vibrant and motivated group of dynamic change agents. Your contributions will enrich and empower the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.
    • Registration for the IMPACT Conference is currently open. Please register athttp://www.impactconference.org/registe/
    • For more information on conferences around the country, visit the Conferences page.



Bonner Alumni Network

Graduating soon? Know former Bonners? Get connected with the BONNER ALUMNI NETWORK (search that term on Facebook and LinkedIn to get connected with our groups). Join a chapter near you, engage in local service projects, mentor current Bonners, and connect with an international professional network of Bonners. More information online at our Bonner Alumni Network homepage.


Join the LinkedIn group at Bonner Alumni Network, as well as the National Bonner Alumni Network Facebook group page.



The B-List: Bonner Connection Board

Graduating? Moving? Getting a new job? Looking for a summer internship? If you’re looking for the Bonner connection along the way, just post your thoughts to the B-List online, and it will be featured in the next mailing. 



Get Connected: Bonner & Social Media

The Bonner Network, comprised of students from around the world, is connected online! Get connected to our various social media tools and get the most out of your Bonner experience. Learn about internship and career opportunities, funding options, social justice issue, relevant policy, and the international Bonner student movement by finding us on:



Make sure to tag Bonner Love in your pictures you upload for Facebook!



For more resources and information, check out the Student Section of the Wiki! 


The Bonner Network Wiki: Students' Section

Have you ever seen the Bonner Network Wiki? It's a live website edited by Bonner students and staff members from across the country with tons of great information about the world of Bonner and the philanthropic industry in general. On the wiki you can find exciting job postings, cool book lists and workshop guides, the Bonner Student Handbook Live and more. Check out the Students section of the wiki to see what will be most interesting for you.




  Bonner Foundation • 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 • 609-924-6663 office • 609-683-4626 fax 


Compiled by your Bonner Foundation Program Associates...



Nefisah Sallim

Program Associate

VISTA Alum, Albany '11


  Kelly Behrend

Program Associate

Richmond '10






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