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2011 SLI Tracks

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Please check back for more information. We will update these pages as the meeting evolves.  




 We hope to include several opportunities to engage in fun learning based on roles, including:


  • Bonner Congress — two student representatives from each Bonner Program should be part of this track. Building on the Fall 2010 meeting at Washburn University, the Congress Track will include a focus on students' Big Idea proposals and what they accomplished this school year, as well as focus on Regional Networking.


  • Bonner Senior and Community Impact Interns — students who will be playing the roles of Bonner Senior (or Junior) Interns or Community Impact Interns should attend the track designed to equip them with knowledge and skills for the upcoming school year. 


  • Bonner Administrators & YOS Members (Directors, Coordinators, and full-time AmeriCorps and VISTA Leaders) — This track will have an emphasis on providing staff with opportunities to build and strengthen their programs, share challenges and best practices, work on their own 'big ideas' on the staff level, and engage in professional development opportunities. A key theme of this track will be Staff Professional Development.


  • Engaged Teaching and Scholarship Symposium (Faculty Track) (open to faculty, administrators, partners, and student leaders) - This track will have an emphasis on effective strategies for faculty engagement, as well as models for community-based research, service-learning, institutional change, and connections of academic coursework and programs with the Bonner Program and service more broadly.


See the pages above to see the schedule, submit a workshop, and follow activity.

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