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AC Newsletter June 1, 2010

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Bonner AmeriCorps Newsletter


The Bonner Foundation staff send regular emails to Bonner AmeriCorps Directors, Coordinators, and Administrators. The purpose of the email is to keep everyone up-to-date on important Bonner AmeriCorps announcements. 



The Bonner AmeriCorps Newsletter

June 1, 2010



1) Some Tips for Verifying Nonprofit Status

2) Signature Reminders



1. Some Tips for Verifying Nonprofit Status


Please remember to take time this summer to verify that all of your service partners are nonprofit organizations. Watch this video for some helpful tools to use as you complete this important review of placements:


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2. Signature Reminders

Please remember that Members must sign their Hour Logs and other AmeriCorps paperworkin pen, with their full legal name. All AmeriCorps documents must be dated appropriately: Hour Logs are ineligible if the signature date precedes the print date that appears at the top of the page, or the last day of service that appears on the log.


Before submitting paperwork to the Foundation, please do a quick review for signature accuracy!



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