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NJ Summit 2010 Logistics

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We are looking forward to a terrific event in Trenton this weekend!  It promises to be a gathering ripe with opportunities for Bonners to get to know one another and learn from one another.  Below are some very important details that you and your Corps members need to know about our time together.  Please be sure to share this information with your Corps members.


Registration will begin at 5 pm at Trenton Central High School.  The address for the high school is as follows:


Trenton Central High School

400 Chambers Street

Trenton, NJ 08609


Carpooling is STRONGLY encouraged!  All participants should park in the gated lot behind the school (parking lot is off Greenwood Avenue).  Parking permits are not needed.


Registration will be set up right inside the front entrance to the high school.  At registration participants will be asked to sign the attendance roster and an assumption of risk/waiver of responsibility form.  Participants will also receive a name tag and a copy of the agenda for the weekend.


Participants attending the Democracy House Orientation should plan to arrive by 5:15 pm to check in before the orientation begins at 5:30 pm.  


The event will kick-off at 6:30 pm with a family style dinner in the school cafeteria.  Vegetarian options will be available.  Following dinner, Rev. Wayne Meisel, former President of the Bonner Foundation will lead the opening plenary.  Following the opening plenary, students from TCNJ will lead team building activities.  We expect activities at the high school to conclude by 9:30 pm.


After activities conclude at the high school, participants spending the night at Westminster Presbyterian Church will travel together to the church.  The church is located 1/4 mile from the high school.  The address is as follows:


Westminster Presbyterian Church

1140 Greenwood Avenue

Trenton, NJ 08609


Participants should park in front of the church on Greewood Avenue or on the side of church on South Walter Street.  Participants SHOULD NOT park behind the church.   


Those staying overnight at the church should bring a blanket and a pillow.  There will be designated sleeping areas for males and females.  Separate restroom facilities are also available.  Absolutely no alcohol or drugs may be brought onto the church property or the school property.  Participants may not leave the church property once they arrive for any reason other than a medical emergency or family emergency.  In the event of such emergency, the participant must consult with Christen Foell or Maria De La Cruz prior to departure.  Both Maria and I will be staying on site at the church.


On Saturday, participants will have the option of selecting a service or training track.  The service track is limited to 30 people.  Sign-ups for the service track will occur at registration on a first come, first serve basis.  We strongly encourage new Bonners, Congress Reps, Senior Interns, Project Leaders and Bonner Coordinators to participate in the training track.  


Those participating in the service track should bring clothes that they do not mind getting dirty.  There maybe painting or garden work involved.   


Attached you will find a packing list to distribute to participants staying overnight at the church.  Below you will find a list of items that participants should not bring regardless of their overnight accommodations.



  • iPods, MP3 players or hand-held video games
  • laptop computers
  • expensive jewelry
  • drugs or alcohol - both are strictly forbidden
  • a lot of cash (everything is paid for, so participants really won't need much)


Please also find attached an outline of the behavioral expectations for the event in addition to emergency contact information.


Participants are expected to attend all the plenaries and workshops.  We are asking participants not to use cell phones to talk or send text messages during the the opening or closing plenaries or during workshops. 


Maria De La Cruz and I will be on-site and available during the entire event.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.





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