Bonner Foundation Intern Positions for Princeton Students

Bonner Foundation

Work Study Position Descriptions / Fall 2012 - Spring 2013





The Bonner Program is a campus-based community service and service-based scholarship program currently at eighty colleges and universities nationwide.  A program of a private philanthropy called the Bonner Foundation, in partnership with The College of New Jersey, the Bonner Program provides more than 3,000 undergraduate students with an opportunity to engage in community service while in college, and to receive financial support for tuition, in the form of scholarships, Federal Work Study stipends, and AmeriCorps Education Awards.  The campus-based program provides colleges with a replicable model through which to develop students through service, positively impact communities, and build an infrastructure for sustained campus-community partnerships.  Through providing students with an access to education and an opportunity to serve, the Bonner Program also provides a higher education model that promotes colleges’ commitment to civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, spiritual exploration, and social justice.




There are a number of Work Study positions available for the 2012-2013 year.  These are as follows:



In addition to these work study positions, there may be additional opportunities for you to expand upon your own strengths.  We want to make sure that you are able to benefit from working at the Bonner Foundation and would like to discuss playing up to your strengths and skills.


For more information, please attend the Ice Cream Social on Thursday, September 13 at 4:00 pm at our office on 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.  Or call (609) 924-6663 and speak with a staff member.


Here are some videos you can watch to learn a little bit about the students and programs we help coordinate!