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First Year Bonner Orientation Information Click Here!

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We're looking forward to your arrival on August 6th!  We hope your packing and planning for college is going well!  Please look at the following information.  It will help everything go smoothly for you when you get here.


Before you arrive here, please make sure that you have sent the Student Health Services Office a copy of your Immunization records.  This is very important.  Guilford will not allow you to do ANYTHING until they have those records!  Please contact the Student Health Center at (336) 316-2194 for more information (also click here)


Things to bring to school with you (if applicable):


  • Government-issued picture ID (driver's license, state ID, permanent resident card)
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate.  This is required only if you are doing work-study or community scholars (more info).
  • Photocopy of your birth certificate for Bonner purposes.


If you do not have a picture ID or a birth certificate, don't worry, just let Elizabeth (A.K.A. Bird), the Bonner Coordinator know prior to your arrival.  You can contact her by email at balofbirdte@guilford.edu or by phone at (336) 316-2452.


If you need more information regarding work-study and community scholars, please contact Lillian Johnson at 336-316-2436 or ljohnso5@guilford.edu.  You can also visit the Human Resources website at http://www.guilford.edu/about_guilford/services_and_administration/hr/.


First Year Bonner Orientation Schedule


Guilford College Campus Map


Bonner Orientation Dress Code

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