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Bonner AmeriCorps Manual - AmeriCorps Orientation

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Bonner AmeriCorps Orientation

As outlined in the Bonner AmeriCorps Campus Site Agreement, it is the responsibility of each Campus program to provide new members with an Orientation must educate them about current rules and regulations concerning their AmeriCorps Term. This Orientation must be logged as the first entry on each Member's first monthly Hours Log Report. It is also advisable to host an Orientation to build a sense of Bonner community, to provide initial enrichment activities, and to begin preparing your students for their service and related responsibilities. 


Members should be trained on all AmeriCorps reporting requirements, particularly those performed through the Bonner Web-based Reporting System (BWBRS). All members are required to utilize this system to perform their reporting requirements. This training takes approximately one hour to one and a half hours. Best practices have shown that this training is best done together as a group in a computer lab. View the AmeriCorps 101 resources here.


Conducting your AmeriCorps Orientation in tandem with having your cohort of new recruits or returning Members complete their Bonner AmeriCorps Enrollment Workbooks and learn how to use BWBRS is an efficient way to get your AmeriCorps Members off to a good start! It is also a great idea to utilize your Orienation to build a Bonner community atmosphere, provide enrichment activities, and begin preparing Members for their service responsibilities and reporting responsibilities.



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