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Bonner AmeriCorps Manual - Hour Logs Procedure

Page history last edited by Abby Rice 9 years, 9 months ago


Recommended Hour Log Process: Hard Copies


-Members log hours on a weekly basis.


End of the month

-Members print out their Hour Log for the month on or after the last day of the month. 


First week of next month

-Members request and obtain site supervisor's dated signature on their completed log from the previous month.

-Members submit previous month's hour log with site supervisor's dated signature to campus AmeriCorps Administrator.

-Campus AmeriCorps Administrator reviews hour logs, approves them by signing and dating as appropriate.

-Campus-based Bonner AmeriCorps Administrators are encouraged to make copies of all time sheets and place them in each Member's file on campus before

  submitting all hour logs to the Foundation no later than the 15th of the month.

**Tips: Make site supervisor signature collection easier by having Members give all time sheets to student site leader who then retrieves site supervisor signatures and hands all site-based team time sheets to Bonner AmeriCorps Administrator on campus.  Keep track of who’s turned in time sheets with an Excel document, Google doc or office white board.


Recommended Hour Log Process: Electronic Signatures

Obtaining electronic signatures is an alternative method for approving Hour Logs. 





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