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Bonner AmeriCorps Manual - Requesting Slots

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How to Request AmeriCorps Education Award Slots

The Bonner Foundation awards AmeriCorps Education Awards slots to each campus on a competitive first-come, first-serve basis. In determining how many slots to request, there are several things that a Campus Administrator should take into consideration. These include:


  • How many hours of service are feasible for a particular student;
  • Whether AmeriCorps is indeed the best fit for an interested student and;
  • The fact that according to current legislation, no individual can ever enroll in more than four terms through any CNCS program (e.g. VISTA) or via any national program supported through AmeriCorps (e.g. Teach For America and/or City Year) or receive more awards than the equivalent of having successfully served two full-time terms.


Well in advance of the start of each new AmeriCorps grant year (which always commences on October 6th),  you will receive an e-mailed asking the Campus Administrator to complete an online survey indicating how many slots of each type your campus program would like to be awarded and approximately when you expect to be recruiting and enrolling new AmeriCorps Members at your institution.


Slot Types

There are three slot types available to prospective Bonner AmeriCorps Members.  Please advise your students to carefully consider which slot type he or she may be in a position to successfully complete within the required time frame.


The slot types are structured as follows starting with the 2011-12 Program Year

  • Minimum-time Enrollment: 300 hours in 1 year minus a day ($1,175 Education Award).
  • Quarter-time Enrollment: 450 hours in 1 year in minus a day ($1,468 Education Award).
  • Half-time Enrollment: 900 hours in 2 years in minus a day ($2,775 Education Award).



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