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Bonner AmeriCorps Manual - Suspension and Reinstatement

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Please note: Suspensions cannot be made retroactively. Requests for Suspension and Reinstatement must be submitted in the manner described below.


At any time during a Bonner AmeriCorps Member’s term of service they may be eligible for suspension if they can demonstrate Compelling Personal Circumstances. Suspension will “freeze” their term for a given period of time and allow them to come back and finish out the remainder of their term. 


The campus director and the Bonner AmeriCorps Program Staff must approve of the suspension.


Notification of all suspension requests must be submitted using the Request for Suspension Form

  • The Foundation must receive this form no later than 25 days after the date of the requested suspension. Before requesting a suspension, be sure that the reason for suspension is congruent with the definition of Personal & Compelling circumstances.
  • All time logs must be up to date and completed prior to the suspension or those hours may not be counted toward the member’s term of service.
  • Students cannot log any hours during the time that their suspension is in effect.


Members May NOT be suspended for the following reasons (among others listed HERE):

  • To take a job for financial reasons
  • To do service abroad. Although Members may suspend for STUDY abroad, they may not suspend if they are going outside of the US to do service. This ruling is based on the fact that the Member has committed to a Domestic term of service with AmeriCorps and during that term, they should be pursing Domestic service opportunities. 



In order to be reinstated, the student must complete the Request for Reinstatement Form, obtain approval by the campus director, and forward the signed form to the Bonner AmeriCorps program staff within 25 of the anticipated reinstatement date.


A suspension from the Bonner AmeriCorps program cannot last more than 2 years from the date of suspension.


Once the student has been reinstated, the new exit date will be calculated based on the amount of time remaining at the point of suspension.  The Campus Administrator can review the Member's BWBRS account to determine the Member's new exit date.  



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