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University of Richmond Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011

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Big Idea Title:                     UR Bonner Admission of Love


Name of Congress Representatives:


Evan Raborn, evan.raborn@richmond.edu

Starr Miyata, starr.miyata@richmond.edu 

Chaz Barracks, chaz.barracks@richmond.edu


The Proposal 



     Since the inception of the Bonner Program at the University of Richmond, there has been a disconnect between the UR BSP and the national Bonner Network.  Being the largest Bonner program in the nation, and one of the first Bonner schools, we Bonners at the University of Richmond want to be able to yield prospective Bonners who are the most excited and passionate about civic engagement through the Bonner campus program as well as national network.


Our Goal: Increase current program morale and knowledge about both the University of Richmond Bonner Program and the national Bonner program to applicants. Our goal is to inform students about who we are and what opportunities we possess on and off campus and throughout the world as a network of student service. 


Plan of Action: 

     When we return to campus we plan to hold a "Congress Re-cap Meeting" to discuss our new mission gained from the conference in order to gain feedback from other students (SLT) about how to add more interest and excitement in the advertising of the Bonner program for the application process. By merging this proposal with the goals of the Student Leadership Team we will survey students about our our application process, their familiarity with the Bonner network, and their opinion on our program morale. The feedback we receive will inform us about the strengths and weaknesses of our admission process and strategies on how to implement new advertisements such as videos and open house day with admissions, and better information about the Bonner network during the first year process.

     We feel that this plan will increase program morale and will connect students together and to the national network.  During this meeting, lead by the Student Leadership Team and Congress Reps. we will showcase aspects of the national network to inform, motivate, and empower students together, such as the Policy-options.org, newsletter opportunities, and potential internships within the Foundation. By spring 2011-semester our proposal will be put into action because by this time we will have collected enough student feedback and assistance in improving our admission process for the 2011 incoming class, ultimately increasing program morale. 


Lead People Involved: 


Bonner Congress Reps (3) 

Kim Dean, Program Director

Student Leadership Team








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