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Middlesex County Community College Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011

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Name of Congress Representatives: Nicole Boyle, Mauro Cantatore


Your Proposal:  Democracy House has been at Middlesex County College for 15 years. During the last 15 years, Democracy House has been involved in the community doing direct service throughout the area. Thousands of hours of service have been done throughout the 15 years, yet many professors who teach at this college still have not heard about or program and if they have they still don’t know what we do exactly. Middlesex County College’s Big idea is that for our 15th anniversary, we want to create a video about what Democracy House does and what we have done over the years. This video would be our base for the whole structure to spread campus wide awareness and have faculty be aware of our place in the college.


A part of our big idea is to also use this video as a base to branch out into the classrooms so that Professors can incorporate service learning into their classes. The classroom is a great way to learn and grow as a person, but the learning and growing can always be increased. So why not give students more for their money and help them gain a valuable experience that a teacher cannot provide? Service learning would offer students a chance to either earn extra credit or replace or create assignments for hours of service completed. Not only would this teach something to the students; it would provide a vast service oppurtinity and would help communities around the college who could benefit from service learning. Service learning is our true BIG IDEA , that we wish to have fulfilled one day at the Middlesex County College campus.





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