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Mars Hill College Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011

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Big Idea Title: Mars Hill College Bonner Leadership Team aka The BLT


Name of Congress Representatives: Jordon Crawford and Lea Foden


Your Proposal:

  Mars Hill College Big Idea Proposal: Bonner Leadership Team

The Mars Hill College Bonner Leadership Team will be composed of two to three representatives from each Bonner class. Our Big Idea is to create this team of current leaders (upperclassmen) and of future leaders (underclassmen) as a means of initiating and executing campus and community events as well as practicing, learning, and sharing leadership skills. The main priorities of this project are to create a more unified Bonner program, or Bonner family, and to hone leadership skills for members as well as up-and-coming leaders within the Bonner community.

WHY: We chose the Bonner Leadership Team (BLT) for strengthening our program because it will allow us to create a connection between Bonner classes, LifeWorks (our Bonner Headquarters), and with the community. The team will provide the Bonner program with a valuable resource of experienced leaders willing to initiate, plan, and implement service activities. Our topic stemmed from the need for an established go-to group for placement advice, service opportunities, and leadership experience. The project’s significance will be a well-known, scholar-based team of students that are serving the campus and community with their recognized leadership abilities and encouragement of others to serve. One of our goals is to make the BLT a recurring and well-rooted campus group within the scholar network.

WHAT: Our Idea consists of creating a team of 8-10 Bonner Scholars that will be student leaders within the scholar program. The team will be recognized as the initiator of campus-wide service projects and volunteer recruitment as well as a major liaison between Bonner Administrators, College Faculty, and the Student Body. The team will provide other students with leadership role models as well as an opportunity for scholars to improve and implement their leadership skills. The effect of this project will be a more unified Bonner community and a greater step toward student leadership and community involvement. The BLT will be an established campus group recognized for its work in the community and as a resource for other students to find leadership and service opportunities.

HOW:   We will implement our Big Idea by recruiting two Bonner scholars from each Bonner Class that will be led by two Senior Interns and one Junior Intern to make up the Bonner Leadership Team. The team will hold meetings and cooperate to plan, organize, and execute service events and fundraisers, attend seminars to improve leadership skills, network with other Bonner programs, encourage student involvement in volunteer service, complete video projects, and mentor other scholars. The skills and practices that will be useful for this project’s success are connections with community members and nonprofit organizations, advice from Campus Staff and Bonner Administrators, attendance at seminars for improving leadership skills, and positive communication among members.  Our Bonner Congress representatives will have the experience of going to conferences and bringing back teambuilding and leadership skills as well as ideas for planning and organizing events and activities. The BLT will be started at the beginning of fall semester and will continue to work together the entire school year. Throughout the year, the team will conduct several service events, and attend leadership seminars to gain leadership experience. Our first project will be "Can the Dean", a canned food drive in which the student body will compete to collect the most dry foods for local nonprofits. The project will last a week, and food stuffs will be stored in the Dean of Students' office. Pictures depicting the progression of the Dean's enswampment will be posted on a Facebook event page to encourage campus involvement.




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